The Cannabis movement in the UK

Here in the UK we seem to be very behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to the level to which cannabis has become accepted, not just as a recreational past time but as a safe and effective treatment for a whole range of serious illness’ – it would be much quicker to do a list of the illness’ it doesn’t treat in comparative length to the ones it does.

With proposition 215 – medical use in California in 96, and now 15 US state enacting medicinal acts,  it begs the question, why are we so behind our north american cousins? 

Is it a case of  British stoicism? Keep calm and carry on? After all we have a reputation for a “stiff upper lip”  for never backing out of a fight – even if its an illegal one,  diplomacy or public opinion never swaying the minds of the decision makers at number 10.

I wonder why we can follow the Americans around in their illegal wars, but when it comes to the health and rights of our own citizens, were very much behind.

Even our European friends are far ahead of where we are in the UK.

The Dutch were always ahead of the game – sadly that all seems to be going down the drain with the new government,  however there are causes to celebrate still at the ingunity of some of our closest neighbours.

Portugese decriminilisation and The

emmergance of cannabis clubs in spain all are paving the way for sensible drug policy in the EU

The question we must all ask ourselves now is – How long till our government finally see’s sense?

They wont do it out of kindness

We have to stand united and fight this Tyranny.

If you believe that the prohabition of cannabis is wrong, now is the time to get involved in the UK especially with the L.C.A re registering as a political party and the current wave of BBC attention putting the issue of cannabis firmly in the publics conscious.

Clark French


About clarkfrench

Diagnosed with MS on the 19th of August 2010 I have started Bloging to raise awareness for MS and cannabis in general. I have some great friends and family and have had lots of support from local MS charities. I have had articles written about me in a local and national papers, national news websites and conducted various radio interviews on BBC radio and private radio stations. I appeared on national television for channel 4 and the BBC. I want to help other people who have MS I want them to realise how much difference cannabis can have to their life.

5 responses to “The Cannabis movement in the UK”

  1. des humphrey says :

    good little write up our time is now

  2. John hickey says :

    Hi i’m john from edinburgh want 2 subscribe as am going 2 become full time lca candidate :-).

  3. Tom:Speed says :

    Great read!

    I thought that ‘keep calm’ sign was photoshopped, upon closer inspection it appears not, that’s troubling.

    They could at least make it subliminal ffs! 🙂

  4. dave says :

    great article and im proud to be a member of the LCA.

  5. JASON says :

    thought it was well put lets hope some 1 reads and acts on this at a govermant level

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