Why should the weak suffer for the mistakes of the strong?

 The most needy in our society are targeted as a demogarphic of people who not only need the most help, but can offer the least resitance to the cuts proposed.

The current cuts to the Disability Living allowance and incapacity benefit have recently emerged from the ConDems. Plans to cut the DLA mobility allowance for those in residential care is in my opinion, highly wrong especially when you consider the reason for these cuts, which is of course the recession which the banks are of course the main culprats( – spelling mistake intended) of creating the current economic downfall.


The disabled take a 20% cut in benefits and those in residential care are set to loose the mobility component of their DLA  –  while the Banks still get their Bonus’

In a civilised society the strongest have a moral obligation to protect the weakest and the new Condem plans make a mockery of this. They erode at this most basic of principles.


Remember the very basic benefits given to the disabled, such as the mobility component of the DLA is designed to help people get about and live more meaningful lives. To take this away from severely disabled people can dramatically reduce their quality of life, the bankers earn thousands and thousands of pounds, i ask do they really NEED their bonus’  the way in which a severely disabled person needs their electric wheelchair? – because this is exactly what the new proposals will do, take away the electric wheelchair’s that some people get fromt he mobility componant  of some in care homes  to the most needy in our society.


Im all for getting the disabled working,  there are a lot of jobs that disabled people can contribute well in and be active members of society.  but severely disabled people simply need this money to stand a chance of living a decent quality of life.  After all has life not delt them and their families enough to deal with?

 this amouts to nothing more then Discrimination.

Clark French


About clarkfrench

Diagnosed with MS on the 19th of August 2010 I have started Bloging to raise awareness for MS and cannabis in general. I have some great friends and family and have had lots of support from local MS charities. I have had articles written about me in a local and national papers, national news websites and conducted various radio interviews on BBC radio and private radio stations. I appeared on national television for channel 4 and the BBC. I want to help other people who have MS I want them to realise how much difference cannabis can have to their life.

2 responses to “Why should the weak suffer for the mistakes of the strong?”

  1. Nobody says :

    believe this Govt just want us to all be eradicated – It is like going back into the 1800s or something when we should all be hidden away and cease to exist to sully their space.
    I did not ask to be disabled. I had a plan for my future and it was not being in pain or fatigue. My plan woudl have helped many people who needed my assistance in fitness etc. Now I am a shadow or myself and every thign is changed. This is NOT what I planned. Yet they make me feel like scum for getting ill.
    They make me feel like I am unworthy of every breath I dare to take.

  2. my1mind says :

    great article, it is now on http://www.changetheuk.co.uk 🙂

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