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We can change the world – 4 track Inanimacy demo

We can change the world

Genesis 1.29

every seed baring plant

upon the earth

these I give unto you


I have given you every seed baring grass

they will be food for you


every seed baring plant

should be food for mankind

Over cast 2010

this year has taken the best of me
taken all of my hopes and dreams
until I have nothing left but memories 

of the life that i used to lead
just an empty shell of what i used to be
but i have learn’t the most valuable lesson of them all
ive stood on my own two feet

i will be an inspiration
a reason for the hopeless to believe

i was always searching for all of the answers
and now i realise I had them all along

I took a look within myself

and I came to the conclusion

that I wouldn’t Rather be

anybody else

its not about bad luck its about fighting your hardest and the determination to never give up

stand up and live your lives, its not about what you cant, its all about what can achieve

I will not live my life for nothing

ill play the part that was meant for me

my life will stand for something.

Untitled as of yet

Brothers this is a call to arms

for a war has been declared against us all

our brothers and sisters lay in chains

bound in buildings meant for killers

our good name has been violated

when our cause is of the highest

we must stand and fight

we cant divide we must unite x2

the truth will prevail in the end

the truth will unfold                      

when uncovered from

beneath the vale of ignorance

through propaganda

we suffer needlessly

the healing of the nation

lays within our grasp

why do we contine to nail our people

into coffins and caskets

their demise falls at the throne ignorance

will you sit and let this happen

or will rise up you make a stand?

Brothers and sisters this is a call to arms

we can save the world

we can stop the pain

we can save the world

its ours for the taking

this is a call to arms

September 12th

We will be forever stood on the shoulders of our ancestors
will we learn from their mistakes?
such a choice for us to make
time will teach us that our fates our in our own hands
will you take what’s yours and will you run with it?

would we be lost without the signs
delivered by our for fathers?

civilisations fall to ashes
but our species lives on

its taken us to long to say
we need it to be the way
the way It used to be,
will we all realise our mistakes?
or will we take our chances in this unforgiving world?

the sun rises across the empire of the wealthy
they hold our hopes and dreams in the palms of their hands

what can we become if we don’t fight the good fight
what can we become if we refuse to live our lives