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CaliSativa Strain Review’s


For this edition of my Strain reviews i have a selection of three Californian Sativa’s! Blueberry haze, Chem 4 and Durban Poison. I am very Lucky! dont miss July’s Ismoke Mag for a exclusive KUSH special!

Name. Blueberry Haze

Appearance. limey green with short barely visible brown hairs
Aroma/ Flavor. sweet and musky smell doesn’t really smell of blueberry or haze though.
Effects. mild saliva high, not so strong
Comments. an all round disappointment, shows that is it as much about the grower as it is about the genetics. But okay for someone on a budget.

Name. Chem 4

Appearance. Pale yellowish green with lots of tiny dark brown hairs, really crystally.
Aroma/ Flavor A little fuely – kinda like diesel, but with a huge lemon and lime zesty freshness, it smells like a bathroom cleaning product, but in a good way! the lemon covers almost all the chemical-ness when smoking.
Effects. uplifting heady ness, nice sativa buzz when smoking this one.
Comments. all i can say is you should try this strain, i’m a big fan 🙂

Name. Durban Poison.

Appearance. Light and Bright, Lime Green and yellows with nice compact nudges, the calyxes are beefy and easy to make out.
Aroma/ Flavor. Stinky, really fresh citrus, somewhere between Lemons and Satsuma’s, Flavor is amazing like i’m eating a Orange its so sweet and citrusy!
Effects. Punch you in the face sativa,  really uplifting and long lasting high.
Comments. this actually gets me High, id recommend this to any one who medicates regularly  and wants a recreational smoke.

Another picture of Durban poison!

For my symptoms Sativa’s are definitely less effective then Indica’s. but unlike most indica’s i find i do feel high on them so they are a much appreciated smoke!

Clark French


Strawberry cough, Romulan and Trident. Californian strains part 3

Wow been extremely busy last couple of weeks! California is such a great place full of great people! id be on the next flight if i were you! Ive been busy reviewing strains for my blog and and Ismoke mag. check out the next issue for a KUSH special – yes 3 of the best Kush’s in the world! I knew my luck was bound to change and it certainly did! This installment i have some lovely buds to review! so once again, bring on the Smoke!

Name: Romulan

Appearance: huge beefy buds that fit nicely into the palm of your hand Tricome heavy, its glistens when you turn it in the light, lightish green with small orange hairs That stand to attention.
Aroma and flavor. Light kinda fruity smell with a “green plant” freshness aboutit, floral almost rosey scent of breaking up the buds, unfortunately the floral tones are a Little heavy on smoking. Very smooth though.
Effects: sativa buzz when first smoked, but this quickly fades to an all over body stone, which was
great for movement but not so much for my pain.
Comments: this one definitely smells nicer then it tastes but it does have a wierd tingly sensation
On the nose when smoking. Felt a little high from this.

Name: Strawberry Cough

Appearance: a light yellowish green with lots of orangy pink hairs, nice formations of middle sized buds.
Aroma/Flavor: has that cat piss smell about it abit, very planty with hits of fruit. fresh and fruity flavors with a spicy hit, abit akin to the spiciness of some indian land race strains, and its actually true, a real fruitiness comes through when you cough, its not quite strawberry but its not far off its really tasty either way!
Effects: abit of a “mixed” bag with a head and body effects, id say it was more of a static and I prefer indica for symptom management but my body definitely felt this.

Comments. enjoyable and pretty tasty, a good smooth smoke.

Name: Trident

Appearance: light pale green with very pronounced calyxes and almost invisible orange hairs
Aroma/flavor: sweet but kinda spicy, with lemon static undertones, sweetness is less pronounced once
Smoking, but spicy lemon comes through, it is very tasty.
Effects: extremely good for pain, almost as good as Mazar (a personal favorite), I almost forgot I was in pain when I was smoking. Got abit of a heady static buzz off this one, although I was at the top of twin peaks in San Francisco so this may explain why.
Comments: I know the THC and CBD levels this, and they are 12% CBD to 5.5% THC – so I was surprised to be feeling a little high, but this also explains the great effects on pain, the perfect strain would have atleast 12% CBD, but id like to see this balanced out more by the THC and I want to know the CBN levels as I think Mazar is fairly high in CBN.

Until next time!

Clark French.

Californian Strain Review Purps Special.

Hello and welcome weed lovers to my second Californian strain review. In this one im excited to have some of the best purps that Northern California has to offer, I have certainly enjoyed this purps special, i hope you will too 🙂

 Name. Purple Kush

Apperance. Limey paleish centrers, green buds with tiny pale compact hairs almost almond in colour.
Aroma/flavor. Very strong and sweet, so with a real light fuity tone with some blackberry/grape undertones, strong taste similar to smell on inhale but this doesn’t come through in the exhale which is a disappointment.
Effects. Medium strong indica dominant.
Comments: a nice smoke but some minor problems burning.

Name. OG Kush x Mendo Purps

Apperance. Quite airly buds with sticky almost gooey centres, fingers go all sticky just touching her!
Aroma/Flavour, Fruity and fresh with a light skunky edge, very fragrant when breaking up the Bud, Zesty and light once lit, with some oranges and berry’s and grapes coming through.
Effects. Body high with faily good relief from the tightness in my legs, not so good for pain.
Comments. Really tasty smoke but pain relief is a must for me.

Name. Grand Daddy Purps x Grape Ape

Apperance. Darkish buds with with small hairs,
Flavour/Aroma. Stinky, my God is this stinky, real sweet Grape aroma’s, almost like grape candy,  the Flavour isn’t as strong but it fills your mouth with the sweet grape taste, with a slight Oak undertone on the exhale.
Effects. Uplifting but mainly body stone, extremely good for pain.
Comments. A tasty and smooth smoke, effective and strong.

In general i am a fan of the Purps, the Grandaddy purps x Grape ape was the best of the three, tasty and effective!

until next time,

Clark French.


I am extremely pleased to be writing about the latest Action4MS venture. Action4MS are teaming up with the Archaeology department at the University of Reading to bring you Dig4MS is a day out at the silchest insula IX excavations. Im really excited about the event and to promises to be a great day out for those diagnosed with or affected by MS, although anyone is welcome to attend the day. Here is some information from Archaeology Departments website.

“The ‘Insula IX Town Life’ project is a research and training excavation of onepart of the large Roman town at Silchester. The purpose of the excavation is to trace the site’s development from its origins before the Roman Conquest to its abandonment in the fifth century A.D”

“The Insula IX excavation lies within the boundary of the earlier Iron Age settlement but also contains the find spot of one of the latest artifacts found by the early excavators – the Silchester Ogham stone. This area also contained a building on a different alignment to the street grid, hinting at an earlier layout. Fresh excavation offers the possibility of discovering the story of the development of the insula from the earliest occupation, and of investigating the reasons for the abandonment of the town.”

I have been Digging at silchester before as part of my Ancient history and Archeology degree at Reading University, I really enjoyed my time at the dig. The yearly dig at Silchester is disabled accessible and even has a disabled portaloo. The viewing ramps are wheelchair accessible and coming from a family who has had more then its fair share of disability, I noticed all the extra facilities for disabled people, so it was natural for me to go to Amanda Clarke Head of the insual IX excavations from the archaeology department and talk about doing a day for MS.

I thought that as there were such good disabled facilities for being in a field in Hampshire and as there are many different activities available on the day, that this would be the perfect opptunity for people to get involved and hopefully have an interesting and fun day out. The day will include activities for everyone, with a chance for those able to get involved in the excavations, there will be finds washing and handling, soil science and plenty more for those for those less able, inclding talks from the experts and lots to see and hear!

I hope to see many faces at silchester for what promises to be a fantastic day out, and id like to take this puttying to thank the Archaeology department at reading university for agreeing to let us use their excavation for the day.

For more details please take a look at the Excavations website if planning on attending please contact me at

Californian Strain Reveiws, Blue Dream, Cheese and Mystery plant1.

Californian Strain Reveiws, Blue Dream, Cheese and Mystery plant1.

I will be bringing you some strain reveiws of some of the best cannabis California has to offer, for my frist installment i have three strains, Blue dream, Cheese and the mystery plant number 1 – unfortuantey her genetics are unknown. so without further ado bring on the Weed!

Name.  Blue dream.












Apperance. nice and compact Buds with short creamy- brown, orange hairs.
Smell/taste.  Light sweet and skunky, to smoke the flavor is similar but with a slight frutiness and an almost berry hint on the exhale.
Effect. Sativa dominet up lifting high.
Comments: Generally a nice smoke, not sure if i would pick her out again, i am more of an indica man myself, but i was plesently supprised with the taste once smoking.


Name. Cheese










Apperance. Only small buds, but it resembles cheese ive had back in the UK
Smell/tatse. chemicaly smell, which changes to a skunky fresh aroma when the buds are broken up, smells nothing like UK cheese. Cheesy undertones on the smoke but generally tatses like standard indoor hydroponics.
Effect. heavy indica body stoned but short lived.
Comments. This smells similar to the chemical smell that sprayed cannabis has back in the UK, left me with a headache after smoking, was genuinely disapointed as cheese is a personal favorite.

Name.  Mystery plant number 1 ( genetics unknown)









Apperance. much more airy buds then the previous two, loose on the outside with compact centres. creamy white almost golden hairs and pale green buds.
Smell/taste. Pine nuts and fruit with a real pungent skunky tone when breaking the buds zesty and smooth smoke, very flavorsome.
Effect. long lasting, India dominet body stone. Good for my MS symtoms.
Comments: Norcal Purps thinks it could be a pheno of AK but nobodys sure, may favorite of the three, both for flavor and for effect, a real nice smoke.


Look out for more Californian strain reveiws in my next blog’s and catch next months ismoke (issue 6) for some exclusive reveiw’s including Mazar x OG kush.

Clark French.