Californian Strain Reveiws, Blue Dream, Cheese and Mystery plant1.

Californian Strain Reveiws, Blue Dream, Cheese and Mystery plant1.

I will be bringing you some strain reveiws of some of the best cannabis California has to offer, for my frist installment i have three strains, Blue dream, Cheese and the mystery plant number 1 – unfortuantey her genetics are unknown. so without further ado bring on the Weed!

Name.  Blue dream.












Apperance. nice and compact Buds with short creamy- brown, orange hairs.
Smell/taste.  Light sweet and skunky, to smoke the flavor is similar but with a slight frutiness and an almost berry hint on the exhale.
Effect. Sativa dominet up lifting high.
Comments: Generally a nice smoke, not sure if i would pick her out again, i am more of an indica man myself, but i was plesently supprised with the taste once smoking.


Name. Cheese










Apperance. Only small buds, but it resembles cheese ive had back in the UK
Smell/tatse. chemicaly smell, which changes to a skunky fresh aroma when the buds are broken up, smells nothing like UK cheese. Cheesy undertones on the smoke but generally tatses like standard indoor hydroponics.
Effect. heavy indica body stoned but short lived.
Comments. This smells similar to the chemical smell that sprayed cannabis has back in the UK, left me with a headache after smoking, was genuinely disapointed as cheese is a personal favorite.

Name.  Mystery plant number 1 ( genetics unknown)









Apperance. much more airy buds then the previous two, loose on the outside with compact centres. creamy white almost golden hairs and pale green buds.
Smell/taste. Pine nuts and fruit with a real pungent skunky tone when breaking the buds zesty and smooth smoke, very flavorsome.
Effect. long lasting, India dominet body stone. Good for my MS symtoms.
Comments: Norcal Purps thinks it could be a pheno of AK but nobodys sure, may favorite of the three, both for flavor and for effect, a real nice smoke.


Look out for more Californian strain reveiws in my next blog’s and catch next months ismoke (issue 6) for some exclusive reveiw’s including Mazar x OG kush.

Clark French.


About clarkfrench

Diagnosed with MS on the 19th of August 2010 I have started Bloging to raise awareness for MS and cannabis in general. I have some great friends and family and have had lots of support from local MS charities. I have had articles written about me in a local and national papers, national news websites and conducted various radio interviews on BBC radio and private radio stations. I appeared on national television for channel 4 and the BBC. I want to help other people who have MS I want them to realise how much difference cannabis can have to their life.

One response to “Californian Strain Reveiws, Blue Dream, Cheese and Mystery plant1.”

  1. Dan Ford says :

    Sounds like even in California it’s still possible to get the chemically grown stuff, unfortunately, but I bet they don’t have to suffer the Grit Weed and stuff like that.
    If you need any help with these reviews, I am sure I could make space in my busy schedule to help out 😉

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