I am extremely pleased to be writing about the latest Action4MS venture. Action4MS are teaming up with the Archaeology department at the University of Reading to bring you Dig4MS is a day out at the silchest insula IX excavations. Im really excited about the event and to promises to be a great day out for those diagnosed with or affected by MS, although anyone is welcome to attend the day. Here is some information from Archaeology Departments website.

“The ‘Insula IX Town Life’ project is a research and training excavation of onepart of the large Roman town at Silchester. The purpose of the excavation is to trace the site’s development from its origins before the Roman Conquest to its abandonment in the fifth century A.D”

“The Insula IX excavation lies within the boundary of the earlier Iron Age settlement but also contains the find spot of one of the latest artifacts found by the early excavators – the Silchester Ogham stone. This area also contained a building on a different alignment to the street grid, hinting at an earlier layout. Fresh excavation offers the possibility of discovering the story of the development of the insula from the earliest occupation, and of investigating the reasons for the abandonment of the town.”

I have been Digging at silchester before as part of my Ancient history and Archeology degree at Reading University, I really enjoyed my time at the dig. The yearly dig at Silchester is disabled accessible and even has a disabled portaloo. The viewing ramps are wheelchair accessible and coming from a family who has had more then its fair share of disability, I noticed all the extra facilities for disabled people, so it was natural for me to go to Amanda Clarke Head of the insual IX excavations from the archaeology department and talk about doing a day for MS.

I thought that as there were such good disabled facilities for being in a field in Hampshire and as there are many different activities available on the day, that this would be the perfect opptunity for people to get involved and hopefully have an interesting and fun day out. The day will include activities for everyone, with a chance for those able to get involved in the excavations, there will be finds washing and handling, soil science and plenty more for those for those less able, inclding talks from the experts and lots to see and hear!

I hope to see many faces at silchester for what promises to be a fantastic day out, and id like to take this puttying to thank the Archaeology department at reading university for agreeing to let us use their excavation for the day.

For more details please take a look at the Excavations website http://www.silchester.rdg.ac.uk/ if planning on attending please contact me at action4ms@hotmail.co.uk


About clarkfrench

Diagnosed with MS on the 19th of August 2010 I have started Bloging to raise awareness for MS and cannabis in general. I have some great friends and family and have had lots of support from local MS charities. I have had articles written about me in a local and national papers, national news websites and conducted various radio interviews on BBC radio and private radio stations. I appeared on national television for channel 4 and the BBC. I want to help other people who have MS I want them to realise how much difference cannabis can have to their life.

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  1. clarkfrench says :

    yeah im back on the 8th of july, and yeah you are more then welcome to attend 🙂

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