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Overlord OG – Headband and Lemon Haze – 2011 San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup Special.

Hello people and welcome to another of my strain reviews, i have an amazing little selection for you to feast your eyes and brains over this week! what can i say but wow, i cant believe where live has taken me of late.  From a bed ridden mess less then a year ago, to an apartment in sunny California. Here i’m able to get access to some of the best medicine in the world! Unfortunately i have to come home soon 😦 it sucks! But on the plus side i have 40+ strains Ive reviewed, so look out for more in my next blogs and in up and coming issues of Ismoke mag. I’m lucky enough to have a Great Friend in Cannabis Truth – you should check him out if you get a chance. He has invited me to come and stay with him in Amsterdam for a few nights when i return to Europe. Of course i’m not going to turn that one down! now i get to go and see how the Dutch directly compare to northern Californians!  Here in California i have had the opportunity to go to the San Francisco high times medical cannabis cup. i had a fantastic few days hanging out with Greg ( AKA cure Ukay) and the Norml Team and some of the guys from High times and SSDP. i managed to get hold of an entry – Overlord OG – and a previous Winner – Lemon Haze.

Name Overlord OG

Appearance. Small buds, bright green with huge pointy calyxes  some small brown hairs  at the end of each Calyx
Aroma/flavor. Skunky and sweet, lemons, pinewood and a little berry. a lemon sativaish flavor on smoking.
Effects. Sativa buzz when first smoking which goes down the body and has more. Of an Indica feel after 5 mins, good for pain.
Comments. I’m lucky to get my hands on the overlord. This was a 2011 San Francisco medical cannabis cup entry, she didn’t win, but man was she good!

Name. Headband.

Appearance.  One beautiful large Bud, has a range of greens from emerald to yellowing pastel greens, small but dark brown hairs.
Aroma/Flavor. Skunky, really fruity with hints of spice, with a light cinnamon flavor on the exhale.really stinky and flavorful.
Effects. A nice balance, good for symptom management this is good for depression to, I could only smile after this!
Comments. Really nice smoke, good flavor and uplifting as well as well as pain and spasticity.

Name. Lemon Haze.

Appearance. Calyx heavy, quite a light green, with thick orangey brown hairs, quite airy but trichome rich!
Aroma/flavor. Really lemony and has that distinctive haze smell to it, although she smells hazy, it doesn’t come through in the smoke. The lemon does a lot though! Really tastes nice but reminds me more of lemon skunk then lemon haze.
Effects. Nice buzz and okay for symptoms.
Comments. A bit of a disappointment, although tasted really nice if I was after lemon skunk if have bought that and not haze!

Until next time Over and out!

Clark French