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Medical Cannabis Strains – Pot of Gold.

Medical Cannabis Strains – Pot of Gold.

Appearance: Lovely pale and pastel green foxtail buds, some darker green leaf and  vibrant orangey-brown hairs. lots and lots of trichomes which glisten in the light! the cola’s as a whole is made up of lots of mini fox tails which have moderate calyxes – theyre not huge but you can definitely make them out amongst the trichomes and beautiful hairs, which look much more orange when looked at a little closer.

Aroma: The problem with pot of gold, is its very hard to pin point exact aroma’s,  its a myriad of smells. of course you can tell its cannabis form a light and airy almost skunky aroma – its a very delicate smell to say the least, a little earthy and a little nutty too.

Flavour: The same problem arises in flavour as it does aroma, there are is a lot going on in terms of the flavours you can taste while smoking this beautiful flower. The taste is much less earthy then the smell, the light and airy and nuttyness fully takes control of your taste buds, its still very fine and delicate. Slighty fruity and floral – a real taste explosion.

Effects: Moderate at first but this ones a creeper. The first few tokes lead me to believe not much was happening. After a few more, a cerebral and calming effect began to gradually build. Starting at the edge of my eyes causing a general sense of well being. This started, after yet a few more tokes to work its way down to the rest of my body.  Reducing the tingling and stabbing pain i had in my legs prior to medicating. My legs and chest, within a few minutes of lighting up seemed much less tight leading me to have greater movement then previously. My Optic neuritis had been flaring up over the last few days- Optic neuritis is where there is inflammation and demyelination of the optic nerve and is one of my least favourite symptoms.  It sometimes makes me blind in my right eye or have very blurred vision, that’s not including the pain – it often feels like someone is jamming a spoon behind my eye, its not nice to say the least.  After medicating with Pot of gold stopped this completely and my vision became completely clear.

Comments. Im a BIG fan of this bud – it was light and airy so the cut seemed large, which of course meant that i was able to get much more medicine content from this for my money. She smoked really well, only having to be relit once the whole way – a rarity in the UK with the amount of damp cannabis which gets sold on a daily basis. Over all a very nice sativa buzz with a great indica – and symtom revealing, body stone.

Clark French.


English Flowers Part Two.

This review features 3 strains from some English home-growers. The church, So Gouda and  the Classic UK favourite –  Cheese. A big thank you must go out to those who made this happen, im extremely grateful for all of your help! Unlike part 1 of English Flowers, England had some rather nice treats to share with me this time around !

Strain. So Gouda

Appearance. Dark lush, jungle green leaves with nice lime and pale calyxes, beautiful golden hairs are more then out matched by a glistening sea of trichomes!

Aroma/Flavour. Earthy and cheesy aroma, which turns much more fruity once ground up. a smooth oak and smoky flavour once lit, less about of the cheese is there while a more sweeter and musky flavour develops – very enjoyable.

Effects. Felt her from the first toke, which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise.  Indica dominant and calming body stone with a milder but nice heady buzz, very relaxing and good for pain.

Comments. the taste lets down the smell a little, but still a good all rounder.

Strain. The Church

Appearance – Very airy and light,  darker leaf which is covered in trichomes with lots of voluptuous and beautiful brown hairs.  some tiny lime green calyx tops  and the amount of trichomes really stands out upon a closer inspection.

Aroma/flavour– Im not sure if this is why the strain is called this, but the church definately smells like and old church, the kind of church where the vicar is a drinker and has spent the money allocated to cleaning on Alcohol instead, not that this is a bad smell mind, extremely musky and earthy. tastes really good, same kind of muskyness which reminds me of days gone by.

Effects – Mid body stone, good symptom management – especially pain. quite relaxing and very therapeutic.

Comments. Has a very welcoming and warm feeling about it, like the Worthers Original adverts.  if your granddad smokes – he will love this!

Strain. Cheese.

Appearance. Pastel greens with very pronounced calyxes, which upon closer inspection seem to all contain mini seeds. this leads me to believe that this was a feminised seed which has turned into a Hermaphrodite and self pollinated. Dispute the plant putting some of its energy into seed production, there is till a glaze of trichomes covering the whole plant.  she has some small and very whispy golden-brown hairs all over.

Aroma/Flavour. Pungent is the first word which comes to mind, this is the kind of cheese which stinks out your whole house without even smoking it if its not stored properly! really earthy and that classic cheesy stinky and heavyness. Real cheesy and earthy flavours a great smoke flavour wise.

Effects. Very heady and strong. a closer look at the trichomes reveals that there has probably been an early harvest as the majority are clear. this does mean that symptom wise this particular plant would have been better left longer to develop the amber trichomes, but still good symptom management with a huge heady buzz which lasts up to an hour.

Comments. if only this has been left longer! cheese if a favorite of mine for flavour and this variety definately didnt let me down in that respect!

Clark French.

English Flowers.

For my blog and ismoke mag i have now reviewed a fair few strains on my hunt for the perfect strain for the symptom’s of my MS. From the best buds that that bay area has to offer in California – to Amsterdam and the coffeeshops and even to some lovely home grown in Wales,  however i had noticed that none of them come from my home country of England – to make up for this, as a slight remedy i have three lined up for this Blog, this maybe will enlighten you to why i dont review much medicine i find in England.

Name. Amnesia

Appearance. very light colours almost white in places, extremely pronounced and pointy calyxes maybe a few burnt bits too.  Dark brown hairs stand out against the pale backdrop.

Aroma/flavour. Really reverberant hazy smell which increases once ground up and stays with you sometime after youve stopped smelling it. the burntness comes through alot in the flavour, and definitely ruins it for me.

Effects. a little uplifting and definately reduced my pain levels.

Comments. happened to spark this at 420 coincidently – too harsh and not very enjoyable.

Name. power plant

Appearance. Pale and lush greens, a bit leafy. Quite solid buds, with tiny brown hairs which aren’t very visible, trichome heavy.

Aroma/Flavour. Very earthy, with hints of black pepper and cinnamon.  Has a definite cheesy but fruityness which comes comes out when it is ground up.  Oaky and earthy on the inhale, and a little cheesy on the exhale.

Effects. I think that this probably has all clear trichomes, because it hits you very quickly with a headiness, this probably means that this plant hasn’t had the time to develop the heavier cannabinoids like CBD and CBN.  Consequently, I found the power plant to not be that effective for symptom relief.

Comments. I don’t think this was flushed properly, as it didn’t burn very well and went out very often, at some point I had to light it on every toke.  Prohibition means that I can rarely get the quality of weed that I need in my own country, I would personally like to leave plants to grow a little longer to develop more amber trichomes, which would be better for my symptoms.

Name. Orange haze

Appearance. dark and quite wet. nice orange hairs, under trimmed as well. – oh the joys of prohibition.

Aroma/ flavour. Earthy citrus and slightly hazy – smells really nice when ground up, a really citrus aroma comes out of the bud.– little harsh to smoke, but definite citrus and orange tones, not really very hazy other then the first few tokes, more of a dull taste then the smell suggests. but really nice none the less.

Effects: slap you in the face with sativa – felt really high off this, wasn’t so good for symptom management, but was nice to really feel it for a change, as not much effects me in this way.

Comments. not good for symptom management but definitely worth smoking for the uplifting effects – i got very “eye stoned” from this beauty! however the bud came wet, so 1/3 of the weight was lost on drying, which when you consider the minimal symtom relief i experienced, this is not something I can afford.

English flower leaves much to be desired.

Clark French

Green crack, Agent Orange and Nepalese. Californian Medical Strain Review.

Green crack, Agent Orange and Nepalese. Californian Medical Strain Review. 

On my hunt for the perfect strain for the symptoms of my MS I have came across 
some nice strains from California when I was there this summer. I would like to 
share them with you my for this medical strain review. I  hope you enjoy reading!

Name. Green Crack.

Appearance. Light green rock hard bud formations, light orange hairs looks like 
its going to blow your head off.

Aroma/Flavour. Earthy and skunky with a little hit of citrus - more like a lime
then a orange or lemon. Definitely quite sweet and a smooth smoke. Taste is really 

Effects. I will say this only, this “batch” tested at 23% THC
Comments. It had a little trouble burning, but my gosh I felt high! 

Name. Agent Orange

Appearance. Very pale, small calyxes but very pronounced formations, Pointy with 
lots of orange hairs very lots of crystals
Aroma/Flavour. Smells abit funky - and yeah in a bad way, has that kind of  musky 
smell like a lot of auto flowering varieties that I have tried. Taste is very 
smoky and not so pleasant if im honest, I don’t think she was treated very well!

Effects. None - due to the fact it tasted so bad I didn’t smoke it.
Comments. Badly grown and not very nice, still it beats the contaminated cannabis 
you find so often in the UK - if I hadn’t have been in California surrounded by buds
I wanted to smoke, and been in the UK id have smoked it no problem!

Name. Nepalese 

Appearance. Dark greens ranging from very deep dark greens to more luscious hues, 
small but visible creamy hairs.
Aroma/Flavour. Spicy, sweet and very earthy more fruity tones come out when smoking 
but it tastes similar to the smell.
Effects. Nice body relaxing stone, very effective for my pain and spasms.
Comments. A really nice smoke, good taste and good symptom relief. 

More Californian reviews soon, plus look out for more exclusive strain reviews 
in I Smoke Magazine out every month. 

Clark French.