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Lemon Haze – Medical Cannabis Strain Review.

Lemon Haze - Medical Cannabis Strain Review. 

Another more in depth cannabis strain review but this time its of Lemon Haze. 

Appearance : Yellowy green, with fairly big rounded calyxes and quite alot of trichomes. 
 A fair amount of thick dark brown hairs.  A few leaves, but each one has a glistening 
layer of trichomes. Amber trichomes give it a yellowish tint, which means it’s probably 
been left to develop the full range of cannabinoids and therefore is likely to be good 
for my symtoms - we will soon see!

Aroma : Extremely hazy, and very nice smelling. A definite fruitiness emerges from the 
buds once they are broken into and the fruitiness explodes once the whole thing has been 
ground up.  A delicate muskiness can also be smelt. It smells more like amnesia than 
lemon haze, in fact had I not been told that it was lemon haze, I would have said it

Flavour : Quite sweet and extremely hazy, a little lemon but it’s more fruity than lemony.
 A little harsh on the inhale, which smooth’s out on the exhale. It leaves a very hazy
after taste in your mouth. In general this has very nice flavours. 

Effects : Uplifting and fairly good for pain, it definitely left me with an increased
energy level and movement became easier then it was previously ( often the opposite for
recreational smokers), i would like more lemon haze to help start the day!

Comments : A really nice and effective smoke, sativa heavy and good for symptom
relief, but was also tasty and enjoyable, overall a winner, and a great way to start 
the day!

Clark French