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Exodus Cheese, Jack Herer and God Bud – Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews

Some more Californian beauties, this time the classic UK exodus cheese, made famous by the exodus collective. another classic,  some call her the perfect weed ,named after a huge legend in the cannabis movement  -Jack Herer. Lastly some Bud named God comes into the mix – naming a strain God seems to imply that it will be pretty dam good – will it stand up to the two well known and well loved strains? i rolled up three 1g joints and found out.

Name. Exodus Cheese

Appearance.  Nice green shading ranging from the darker green in the leaf structures to lighter pale greens within the bud formation. You can jsut about make out some sort of calyx formations but they are not very big. Laced with beautiful whispy golden brown hairs.

Aroma/flavour. I am fairly impressed with the cheesy aroma, its not the most strong smelling as the best cheese i have had in the UK – the kind where a 1.4 bag will stink out an entire house! Well yeah it wasn’t quite that, but it definitely smells like it is supposed to.  Taste is really good, nice deep dank and earthy cheesy flavours, extremely pungent.

Effects. Really strong and heavy hitting.  Made me pass out only half way through smoking – which is very unusual as i have an extremely high tolerance

Comments. Its a long way for a clone to have come – as this is one of the only strains the UK can lay claim to and the real thing is clone only. Really nice smoke, and a real pleasant surprise, cheese has some of the best flavanoids in the game in my opinion and this didn’t disappoint.

Name Jack Herer

Appearance. Fluffy and cute medium sized buds. Lots of trichomes and fluffy hairs.

Aroma/flavour. Abundant Citrus flavours, Lemons, Oranges, Mandarins, Clementine’s,Limes and Grapefruit all in one ultimate citrus fruity blend, smokes beautifully and is quite light and airy.

Effects heady and uplifting. Even from the first toke, not as long lasting headiness as some sativa’s i have had recently. Very nice and soothing,  yet still buzzy and energetic.

Comments. Real Classic strain with its own unique flavour, a must try for all cannaseurs.

Name God Bud.

Appearance. Dark greens and browns a little leafy. Not a huge amount of hairs but enough that they are visible with the naked eye- its outdoor so is not as dense as her indoor counterparts.

Aroma/flavour. Skunky and pungent, quite earthy especially once lit. Has many of the lower notes in flavour, with a slight woodiness on the inhale.

Effects. Medium symptom relief – didn’t feel too much. A bit of a disappointment both in terms of symptom relief and duration of effects.

Comments.  ts okay but i need more cannabinoid content! – maybe Gods not all he’s cracked up to be 😛


Clark French


Sonoma County Medical Cannabis – Big Buddha Cheese, Dayglo Purple and Mango Kush.

Sonoma County Medical Cannabis

Name. Big Buddha Cheese

Appearance. Beautiful looking tichomes  sat on top of some yellow green foxtail buds.  A few more leaves then id have hoped but other then that the buds are quite thin and a little airy but it is outdoor so that to be expected to a degree.

Aroma/flavour. Smells amazing, really deep cheesy and earthy tones. Has the cheese flavanoid  which is really tasty, has the low earthy tones and the high skunky tones which intertwine and make a great combination. She has an almost spicy muskiness which must come from the Afghani lineage of this particular strain.  Big Buddha cheese is an Afghani  landrace crossed with UK cheese. The taste is great, very cheesy and earthy best cheesy flavours i have had in California.

Effects. There must me something in the flavanoid which gives the cheesy aroma which has a great effect of my symptoms – this was a really tasty smoke which was all the more enjoyable because it reminded me of home.

Comments. Most “cheese” i have found in the USA has not been great – this delicious strain definitely made up for that – its a shame i only got a gram of it.

Name. Dayglo Purple

Appearance. Vivid purple colours throughout the whole bud, pristine and luscious brown hairs which hint at gold are more then abundant amongst the heavy violet and purple buds, lots of trichomes all over which are visible to the naked eye thanks to the wonderful glistening which occurs when the Bud is twisted in the light. Nice dense and tight buds which make a slight snap when broken by hand each break reveals a new layer of trichome coated purple.

Aroma/flavour. Deep and dank, really pungent and earthy  slightly reminisiant of purple kush or maybe GDP but not quite. Earthy and a little woody with a slightly sweet after taste which lingers for longer then most aftertastes. has a little fruit mainly grape/berry. Reminds me of a fortified wine.

Effects. Indica  based heavy body stone, good system relief and i felt relaxed and at ease after smoking. This is a strain i would strongly recommend for anxiety.

Comments.  Really beautiful colours and a great smoke.

Name. Mango Kush.

Appearance. Luscious jungle greens marbled with darker greens leaf’s   Quite airy buds but completely tricome coated, when looked at under a microscope the tricomes are on every single avalivble piece of green, different colour hairs ranging from deep, dark orange -brown to light and creamy whites.

Aroma/flavour. Really piney and fruity, like you have a huge pine tree growing some pineapples mango’s and apricots all at the same time. The flavours are amazing and are extremely mouth watering. Once lit and smoking the tropical fruit really becomes more prominent.

Effects. Uplifting and smooth – not an instant high but a gradual build from the first hit so that 3 minutes after the first hit a huge uplifting wave has washed over and a heady buzz moves down through the body Good symptom relief especially pain.

Comments.  Some of the nicest  tasting piney cannabis i have had, I. used to not be a fan of the it but it’s really grown on me. A gorgeous flavourful and uplifting smoke.

Clark French.


Strain Reviews – Presidential Purple, Cheezel and Grand Daddy Purple

Name. Presidential purple.

Appearance.  Looks absolutely amazing. Deep and dark purples, some of the most purple bud i have ever seen,  violet purples and luscious dark greens, not as many visible trichomes as id have expected, but some of the prettiest almost florescent orange hairs, this would win a bud beauty pagent for sure!

Aroma/flavour.  Earthy and rich, quite sweet with a almost Kush like pine aroma. The taste is superb, very sweet and a little acidic. Quite smoky but very smooth.

Effects. Nice symptom relieving body stone with just enough heady uplifting sensation to keep you on your toes and not slipping into the couch.

Comments. Really nice smoke, great symptom relief and a nice uplifting buzz.

Name. Cheezel

Appearance. Luscious and vibrant greens with tiny brown hairs, a fair amount of leaf still left on the buds. Small visible calyxes which are caked in trichomes.

Aroma/Flavour. Really sweet and skunky, some citrus and pine. Almost smells like OG Kush, don’t get much cheese or new York sour diesel in the smell or the taste, beautiful fruity and sweet flavours which compliment a nice cup of earl grey extremely well.

Effects. Mid range uplifting effects which make their way down to and through the body fairly swiftly, but you stay up as well as feeling it in your body, good symptom relief.

Comments.  I was surprised at the flavour.  In a blind test id have, if somewhat reluctantly, of called this as OG Kush over all a really nice smoke.

Name. Grand daddy purple.

Appearance. Nice dark green, has an almost marble effect of darker purple greens and lighter greens. Dense and solid buds, with some beautiful but fairlysmall brown hairs.

Aroma/flavour. Very earthy and deep pungent tones, lots of berries and grapes with hits of plum and wood. Has a very unique smell which is very memorable.

Effects. Heavy indica body stone, good symptom relief esp leg muscle pain.

Comments.  GDP is a well known classic because she is such a beautiful smoke and is good medicine.

Clark French