Kush #1 and Purple Afgani – Treetown Seeds.

Tree town Seeds Special – Kush #1 and Purple Afgani

Hi and welcome back to my Blog – thanks for reading,  if you enjoy my blog feel free to share :). For this medical cannabis strain review i linked up with treetown seeds to try out two of their new strains – Purple Afgani and Kush #1 they are not out yet – im very excited to be getting this sneak preview of some brand spanking new strains before they are released.

Name – Kush #1

Appearance. Skinny, pale and pastel green buds laced with a strikingly bright assortment of orange hairs – lots of trichomes which look about ready to pop.

Aroma/flavour. Fruity is the first word that comes to mind when smelling this beautiful strain. But then after that it gets a bit harder. There are some berry hints but mainly tropical fruit flavours mixed with a slight citrus edge.  It is also a little floral but this is over powered by the tropical and “green” plant aroma’s. The taste is really good, the floral fresh and planty skunk like flavour is more pronounced then in the aroma, which does dull the fruityness by comparison – but this is not a bad thing as the skunky fresh and kush flavour is fantastic.

Effects. Nice and buzzy with a real good body effects – especially pain relief. Some of the best for pain that i have had. Two tokes and im where i need to be – which is nice and means the joint lasts me a fair amount of time! The high feels more in the shoulders but thats not to say the rest of the body isn’t effected – as it most definitely is. a real nice all over calming and relaxing effect.

Comments.  A really nice strain – both in terms of strength flavours and effects.

Name.  Purple Afghani.

Appearance. Bobbley Nugs with slight calyx formations appearing all over the bud. It has a foxtail kind of shape – if the fox was fextremely fluffy it would be about right – Breaks down into mini buds all the same shame as the main bud was. – gorgeous and lush greens overlayed with some beautiful brown and whispy hairs – this is some of the most beautiful looking bud formations i have ever had the pleasure of setting eyes on.

Aroma/flavour. I’m amazed by this strain – she STINKS when the buds are broken into. A  really mouth watering aroma– you can smell the purple Kush in this a lot much more then the afgani– but the afgani’s sweet and spicy comes through on the lower tones of the aroma and taste. The flavour is spectacular – real Kush flavours blend perfectly with the candied spiciness of the Afghani  – i’m seriously impressed with not only the flavours but the strength on them too – an earthy sweet skunky tone stays with you long after a puff – this strains tastes incredible.

Effects. Well the parentage of this plant does give away the effects she is going to have – she is a heavy indica with some hefty symptom relief – im blown away by this plant. I havnt had this much pain relief from many other strains which still give me the full symptom relief of my other symtoms too.  Which is great. I really like the effects this has on me – i feel enough symptom relief without feeling the huge amount of “coutch lock” that some other heavy indica strains may have. long lasting and effective – this is a winner on all counts.

Comments. If i hadn’t of had the cannabis cup winning boggle gum – id go as far as to say this was the best cannabis i have had from the bay area – no joke this strain is AMAZING = i know what a certain Port Talbort resident is thinking right now… they can rest assured that the matter is in hand  😉

It was an honour to get to taste test these beautiful flowers – my thanks goes out to the guys at treetown. look out for the name – I have a feeling we may be hearing more from them soon!

Clark French

To Find out more about treetown seeds visit their website @ http://www.treetownseeds.com/


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