Archive | January 2012


Did i ask her the right things?

Did i make her smile?

I know that i did for a little bit.

And now i plan to for a while!

She perfect in everything does.

Innocent? in ways…

But when you get her on her own.

She’ll blow your mind away.

She’s a real woman that for sure.

She knows just what she wants.

Apparently that could be me.

Its that she sometimes taunts.

Although shes now far away.

She was worth the wait, for sure!

I’m a better man because it.

Because of her of course.

Clark French


to grow or not to grow.

Out with the old and in with the new.

A well established saying on how to grow.

Ive said it before but have i meant it before.

If id meant it before you’d know.

its time for me to build the bridges i build, not for someone else.

Its time for me  believe in the one who got me where i am, yeah that’s me,  myself.

I’m not a selfish person but it can come across that way.

I have grown as a person, and now i reach for many better days.

Clark French.