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Blue Venom – Cannabis Strain Review

Blue Venom


Appearance.  This is one Beautiful and Frosty looking strain, with vibrant colours ranging from deepest , almost black/ Purple greens on the remainder of the leaf to the nice pale pastel green and white of the trichome rich bud structure.  Blue Venom is utterly caked in trichomes, so many in some places it’s even hard to see past them to the plant material underneath, which is never a bad sign. Some are long and have big stalks some sit closer to the buds over all surface. The long stalky ones are particularly noticeable on the darker sections of the bud. There are so many across the whole bud that the colour is significantly more white then it would be other wise. This gorgeous bud is topped off with plumes of amazingly colourful and vibrant orange hairs which erupt from the Calyx in wispy formations of visual bliss.

Aroma/Flavour. Blue Venom smells absolutely delicious, so much so that my mouth is actually watering after sticking my nose in the jar that I’ve kept this in. There is a range of smells that blend together. Making it a little hard to distinguish each one. To be fair this smells like I’m back in California! There is a hint of lemons which is slightly overpowered by a deep earthy tone which has some berry’s but also a slight spicy almost haziness.  Once ground up  It also has a hint of the Jack Herer i had in California, just to make it that little bit harder to distinguish the aroma! JH is one amazing strain so any similarities between any strain and JH is a good thing! When smoking the berry flavour gets in with those lower earthy flavours but blends with a lemon ISH flavour for the higher tones of flavour, really is delicious.

Effects. I have found this strain the be particularly good for neuropathic pain which has been plaguing me quite severely recently. I have 24/7 neuropathic pain which hasn’t gone away for over two years now, it tends to vary in degree and recently has been much worse, so to have a few smokes of the venom was a great way for me to be able to do more with my day.  Quite heady with a real feeling of being high in my eyes, but still effective in the body. A really nice strain.

Comments.  A great all rounder. Great medicine, a nice buzz and a delicious flavour, ladies and gentlemen – we have a winner!


Clark French. 


Cannabis Strain Review – Cheese x Northern Lights

Cheese x Northern Lights.


Appearance. The State of these flowers is down to the fact Prohibition means the cultivation of cannabis is always going to be in the hands of the Black market, which has in this case had an effect of the quality of the Buds. Firstly it came very wet, loosing at least 1/3rd of its weight while drying, which i had to do for it to burn as i smoke my medicine pure ( so should you if you currently use tobacco :p !). she also came completely untrimmed with some of the fan leaf still on and as much stalk as possible, i lost a further ¼ of the weight of the remaining Plant material to Trimming, which aggravates me majorly.  After taking off the fan leaves and drying, i was left with some nice looking and pretty solid buds, which some nice shades of deep greens marbled throughout its structure. There are some creamy brown hairs but from the look of the trichomes this has been an early harvest!

Aroma/Flavour. After a cure for a week ( its all i could manage) undoubtedly it smelt amazing, with that stinky earthy pungent tone from the cheese overwhelming your nostrils from quite a distance, there’s a fruity high note flavour which is tasty. Tastes really good, definitely closer to the cheese then the NL in terms of taste.

Effects. Heady and short lived a definite early harvest which is a shame as if left for a few extra weeks to develop those amber trichomes, it would have been much better medicine, still there was moderate symptom relief after smoking.

Comments. What a disappointment! I just wonder how nice this would have been if left to finish as the flavour was great and the bud once trimmed looked very nice.


Clark French.