Amnesia and So Gouda – Cannabis Strain Reviews.

Cannabis Strain Reviews – Amnesia and So Gouda

Amnesia –

Appearance. The buds have a nice deep yellowy green, you can see the trichomes are nice and have been harvested at the best time, the amber trichomes adding to the yellow hues. Some really beautiful calyx formations and some nice brown hairs which are fairly sparse as a whole.

Aroma/Flavour. She smells great, real classic haze flavours, spicy and sweet. The taste you’d expect from this strain! A great balance of hazy high notes and spicy/earthy low flavours. Really nice flavours that leave a great flavour in your mouth even after smoking. Yummy!

Effects. Definitely a Sativa dominant smoke, nice and uplifting but with some moderate symptom relief – this would be great for a busy afternoon definitely an energy giver.

Comments. Amnesia seems to be a relatively common strain in the UK at the moment, this is not the best ive ever had, but clearly grown by someone who knows more of what they’re doing then quite a lot of the medicine you get on the black market.

So Gouda

Appearance. Small calyx heavy buds which look like they have been left to finish properly, something which I think is becoming rarer in the UK. A lush combination of dark deeps greens and lighter pastel greens. A lot of the hairs have turned a nice vibrant shade of orange-brown and can be seen erupting from the tops of the calyxes.

Aroma/Flavour. Extremely earthy cheesy and pungent. The berry and the cheese are definitely dominant over the g13 haze and its hard to get any hazyness at all, although she is much more fruity then a regular cheese would be. Quite sweet an a little Skunky she smells great. The taste is absolutely delicious with a cheesy earthy taste explosion. The fruitiness is less then in the smell but you still get abit and the aftertaste is also very nice, a little oaky but mainly earthy and pungent.

Effects. great for pain relief, I had some quite bad pain in the side of my chest which wet from an 8 down to a 3. Quite the body feeling which must come from the Blueberry, over all a great smoke, this ones for the early evening – perfect with your favourite hot drink – mines an earl grey please!

Comments. Ive been a fan of this strain since I first found it in Katsu in Amsterdam in 2010, great flavours and really nice medicinal effects.

Clark French.

P.s. sorry for the crappy pictures


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