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Steel City Blues – Medical Cannabis Strain Review.

Steel City Blues – Medical Cannabis Strain Review.

Appearance. Beautiful! Nice dense compacted buds, well dried and cured although it didn’t come perfect as there was still a few big stalks. She is full of swollen mini calyxes all grouped together, some gorgeous pale brown to dark orange hairs crisscrossing along the buds lots and lots of trichomes, nice Bright Jungle lush greens with some darker deeper green leaves as well. Generally looks amazing! A little too much shake/trim for my liking but as she is dry it looks like a nice amount of buds too.

Aroma/Flavour. SCB STINKS, as soon as you open the jar a pungent extremely stinky aroma fills your nostrils. Really earthy cheesy and skunky, with a fruity edge. The smell hits you on several different levels, the lower earthy, muddy aroma’s blending perfectly with the “high” notes of sweet skunky-ness and fruit with a beautiful cheesy pungent middle, she smells amazing! The taste doesn’t disappoint either the fruitiness comes nicely when smoking, overwhelming on the palate is the cheesy and pungent earthy tones, absolutely delicious, some of the nicest flavours I’ve experienced in the UK.

Effects.  A mellow  yet uplifting sativa esc start when she first goes down with a little of the eye stoned racy feeling, this dies down after 5 minutes and generally changed to an all over mellow, still with an edge of energy,  not the strongest strain but a really nice full and well rounded medicated feeling. Quite good for my neuropathic pain, and I found my hay fever getting much better, my nose is all blocked and inflamed and I can definitely feel my airways widening and am able to breathe through my nose a lot more clearly, which is fantastic oh and before you ask, I smoked most of this strain before my hay fever set in so I can remember the smell from then, AND she is so stinky that I can still smell her even through my blocked nose!. As I smoke, I can feel some bad weather heading in. I think smoking this strain has taken the edge off of the low pressure, which always ends up exaggerating my symptoms.  In general some decent medicinal effects, leaving me feeling medicated rather then high, this is a great smoke for mid afternoon when you need to get on with a few bits and pieces., but your still needing to start winding down.

Comments. The only complaint would be that my joints went out more regularly then id have liked. If I used tobacco I’m sure I wouldn’t have had this problem, but smoking pure is the only way I will consume cannabis so I had to put up with it, which ran out the lighter sooner then otherwise too! But all in all that’s a small price to pay for some really great flavours and medicinal effects.

Clark French.


Street Cannabis Strain Reviews – “Unknown Haze” and “Some Kinda Bubble Gum or Something”

Street Cannabis Strain Reviews – “Unknown Haze” and “Some Kinda Bubble Gum or Something”

When you have to get your medicine from a unregulated system, with no kinds of checks on quality on any level. It does lead to many problems.  Sometimes you can find something nice, sometimes you get ripped off, in fact with the prices in Reading being £260 – £300 on the oz. Its always a rip off! Sometimes you get less ripped off, ill start with how I got “more ripped off” 😛

“Unknown Haze”

Appearance. A little bit of trichome goodness can be seen, generally have that yellower greens that’s typical of amnesia haze, although its calyxes are not bulging so im not sure if it is amnesia or not. Some nice deep brown hairs, over all it looks quite nice, maybe could have gone abit longer. Unfortunately its quite wet, and being the only meds I had at the time  I didn’t have the time to dry or cure it. In the bag was about 1/3rd popcorn nugs/ trim and was half a g under weight… a “half” for £140 its awesome being ripped off! Especially when its for medicine.

Aroma/flavour. Quite hazy but nothing spectacular, its not the kind where you can open the jar then the room stinks of it. Slightly citrus hints, when smoking the spicey hazy flavours are stronger then she smells but over all quite disappointing.

Effects. Again a massive disappointment, not the worst bud ive ever smoked  by any means ( I smoked some SHIT when I was but a boy and  uneducated into the world of cannabis) slightly uplifting – sativa high, Some relief from symptoms.

Comments. A rip off – all my money for the week gone, and with not much to show for it. This is not just a disappointment, it means a lower level of relief from my symptoms for the duration of me using it, not that it will last that long due to the dampness and missing weight. Oh the joys of your medicine being in the hands of criminals! The guy I got this off probably got ripped off his end so had to ass the favour on, he’s usually on weight at least!

“Some Kinda Bubble Gum or Something”

Appearance. Much better quality then the Haze, this is from a few months ago however! Looks like it hasn’t really been trimmed much, but it also looks like the kinda bud which didn’t need much trimming so its mainly buds. It did come with some of the main stalks though which was quite disappointing, lost .7 to them. The buds are nice and big though with lots of plump calyxes and loads of trichomes glistening as you turn the buds. Light pastel greens and darker green leaves with dark orange/brown hairs interwoven. Forming a maze of  awesome patterns. I could look at this bud for hours!

Aroma/Flavour. This has one of those strange flavanoids which when you smell it, it instantly reminds you of something you smoked before! In this case there is a sickly sweet and cheesy aroma, and when I say cheesy I mean like actual cheese, not the strain, this is reminiscent of parmesan. It reminds me of a strain called Ingrid from California. I have to admit although it is quite nice, its not my favorite of flavours and I wouldn’t choose it myself if given a large selection! Having said that this being the UK  AND coming from the street, I am actually quite impressed with this. She also has the hint of cheese (the strain) too, which does bring it back towards some of my preferred flavours.

Effects. Extremely uplifting and energy giving, definitely sativa dominant! can do a few things more then usual, in a kind of ‘Energy burst” style way. It doesn’t last too long but I like it, after the “burst” there is a more relaxed feeling which develops in the body, leaving my quite satisfied and not needing to roll another for a little longer then usual.

Comments. I don’t think this was bubble gum that’s a start! But I do think it was a good smoke,  some good quality flavour and very nice effects.


Clark French.

Sungrown Purple Moroccan- Cannabis Strain Review.


Appearance.  Its very encouraging to see lots of purple hues within these buds, I love to see a bit of colour. Reminds me of California, as purple strains are pretty few and far between here, but they are everywhere in Cali!  Dark greens marble through the purple and get even darker on the leaves, as you would expect with outdoor the bud structures are quite leaf dominated. There are quite a lot of trichomes, this is Devon grown and clearly managed to get some decent sunlight before it was harvested.  These buds do look great though, the purples are quite striking when turning the bud in your hand to catch the light.

Aroma/flavour. Deep earthy and woody, a little pine and a fair amount of berries, its also a little kushy with those deep earthy tones. Great flavours with the berries and earthiness dominating the palate. Aftertaste is a little woody, earthy and oaky. I think she smells better then she tastes.

Effects. Sativa dominant hybrid. First given a massive eye stoned with a little raciness – could it be an early harvest? I need my microscope – such a shame I lost it! The raciness calms down after about 15 mins and you begin the feel a more indica body effect, leaving the body feeling a little lighter and definitely in less pain.

Comments. Well this Purple Moroccan has a nice little story behind it, and I think these storys are one of the greatest things about cannabis – the effort people go to to grow and supply the sacred herb to the nation! This bud was sungrown in the county of devon,. The grower being a traveller who knows the Devon countryside like the back of his hand, takes a small boat to many of the islands in the rivers, lakes and estuaries of the county, and plants out crops of indica’s, sativa’s and hybrids – the Purple Moroccan being the latter of the three.  As they are by a water source they are not difficult to keep needing checking only a few times in their growth cycle – this story warmed me to this smoke and its story’s like these that keep me sure that cannabis prohibition will never win over the resourcefulness of the people who grow it in the long run!

Clark French.

Jack Herer – Medical Cannabis Strain Review.

Jack Herer
Appearance. Gorgeous looking buds, that are coated in trichomes. Colour ranging from pastel greens at the top of some small calyxes, to lighter yellowing greens at the bottom of the calyxes, really looks beautiful! Some deeper darker greens are left in the remains of a few small leaves. The node like calyxes erupt with small but tenacious and wispy orange brown hairs. The fact its dried properly and trimmed well makes this some stunning bud!

Aroma/Flavour. The aroma is lovely, a nice and deep earthy tone, like muddy earth on a rainy day. The scent is also quite dry and musky with the slightest hint of a fruity sweetness. This particular JH doesn’t smell anything like the JH I had in Cali, but that’s not to say its not beautiful in its own right. When smoked the flavour is similar to the smell with the musky and earthy flavours being dominant, there is also a hint of spice and that ever so faint trace of fruit, absolutely delicious!
Effects. A very thought calming , energy giving effect, definitely a sativa dominant feeling with the edge of y eyes feeling a little “racey”. This particular sample seems to help me with having more energy which with the level of fatigue I’m currently experiencing comes as a very welcome ally. I really like that this strain clams my thoughts and lets me relax more, things have been hectic recently so this is almost perfect timing for me.
Comments. A lovely smoke with great flavour and real medicinal properties! Huge thanks go to the grower.

Clark French