Street Cannabis Strain Reviews – “Unknown Haze” and “Some Kinda Bubble Gum or Something”

Street Cannabis Strain Reviews – “Unknown Haze” and “Some Kinda Bubble Gum or Something”

When you have to get your medicine from a unregulated system, with no kinds of checks on quality on any level. It does lead to many problems.  Sometimes you can find something nice, sometimes you get ripped off, in fact with the prices in Reading being £260 – £300 on the oz. Its always a rip off! Sometimes you get less ripped off, ill start with how I got “more ripped off” 😛

“Unknown Haze”

Appearance. A little bit of trichome goodness can be seen, generally have that yellower greens that’s typical of amnesia haze, although its calyxes are not bulging so im not sure if it is amnesia or not. Some nice deep brown hairs, over all it looks quite nice, maybe could have gone abit longer. Unfortunately its quite wet, and being the only meds I had at the time  I didn’t have the time to dry or cure it. In the bag was about 1/3rd popcorn nugs/ trim and was half a g under weight… a “half” for £140 its awesome being ripped off! Especially when its for medicine.

Aroma/flavour. Quite hazy but nothing spectacular, its not the kind where you can open the jar then the room stinks of it. Slightly citrus hints, when smoking the spicey hazy flavours are stronger then she smells but over all quite disappointing.

Effects. Again a massive disappointment, not the worst bud ive ever smoked  by any means ( I smoked some SHIT when I was but a boy and  uneducated into the world of cannabis) slightly uplifting – sativa high, Some relief from symptoms.

Comments. A rip off – all my money for the week gone, and with not much to show for it. This is not just a disappointment, it means a lower level of relief from my symptoms for the duration of me using it, not that it will last that long due to the dampness and missing weight. Oh the joys of your medicine being in the hands of criminals! The guy I got this off probably got ripped off his end so had to ass the favour on, he’s usually on weight at least!

“Some Kinda Bubble Gum or Something”

Appearance. Much better quality then the Haze, this is from a few months ago however! Looks like it hasn’t really been trimmed much, but it also looks like the kinda bud which didn’t need much trimming so its mainly buds. It did come with some of the main stalks though which was quite disappointing, lost .7 to them. The buds are nice and big though with lots of plump calyxes and loads of trichomes glistening as you turn the buds. Light pastel greens and darker green leaves with dark orange/brown hairs interwoven. Forming a maze of  awesome patterns. I could look at this bud for hours!

Aroma/Flavour. This has one of those strange flavanoids which when you smell it, it instantly reminds you of something you smoked before! In this case there is a sickly sweet and cheesy aroma, and when I say cheesy I mean like actual cheese, not the strain, this is reminiscent of parmesan. It reminds me of a strain called Ingrid from California. I have to admit although it is quite nice, its not my favorite of flavours and I wouldn’t choose it myself if given a large selection! Having said that this being the UK  AND coming from the street, I am actually quite impressed with this. She also has the hint of cheese (the strain) too, which does bring it back towards some of my preferred flavours.

Effects. Extremely uplifting and energy giving, definitely sativa dominant! can do a few things more then usual, in a kind of ‘Energy burst” style way. It doesn’t last too long but I like it, after the “burst” there is a more relaxed feeling which develops in the body, leaving my quite satisfied and not needing to roll another for a little longer then usual.

Comments. I don’t think this was bubble gum that’s a start! But I do think it was a good smoke,  some good quality flavour and very nice effects.


Clark French.


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Diagnosed with MS on the 19th of August 2010 I have started Bloging to raise awareness for MS and cannabis in general. I have some great friends and family and have had lots of support from local MS charities. I have had articles written about me in a local and national papers, national news websites and conducted various radio interviews on BBC radio and private radio stations. I appeared on national television for channel 4 and the BBC. I want to help other people who have MS I want them to realise how much difference cannabis can have to their life.

3 responses to “Street Cannabis Strain Reviews – “Unknown Haze” and “Some Kinda Bubble Gum or Something””

  1. glyn68 says :

    You are right Clark ,to say the state of some of the street weed here in North Wales is poor would be a massive understatement also and price would be laughable if it wasn’t true…Overgrow the government I say…:)

  2. Matt says :

    Nice review 😀 Do you smoke with tobacco or pure? Just interested. I smoke with tobacco generally, but would choose not too if I had the cash. Hope to see more of this 🙂 x

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