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Chemmy Jones- Connoisseur Genetics Strain Review

Chemy Jones.

I feel pretty lucky to have been given the opportunity to try one of connoisseur genetics strains. Chem dawg crossed with Casey Jones, two fantastic strains, I have had the pleasure of trying both and am excited to see how the cross comes out!

Appearance. Stunning, really green looking buds, nice greens ranging from darker greens on the remaining leaf to more pastel and lighter greens on the bud  structure. Lots and lots of trichomes all over the buds, the most striking thing is the plumes of gorgeous and vibrant orange hairs that erupt all over the bud, theyre thick and fairly long. This give the bud a plump puffy look, the calyxes are a little bobbly especially  at the tip of the bud, all in all this makes for some amazing looking bud.

Aroma/Flavour. Now this is where I am surprised, the strains heritage would have had me thinking this would be a very “chemmy” smelling and tasting strain. I was expecting that classic chemical citrus, that’s not to say she doesn’t smell amazing, because she does, just not quite what I was expecting. Having said that the aroma is very delicious, and a little delicate. Smells kind of rusty and metallic and definite green plant pungent and musky. Has a kind of stale room musky but metallic aroma. Smells much sweeter and more fruity when ground up. Really smooth smoke, almost like you are not smoking, which is quite pleasant. Sweet and slightly fruity tasting. There is a slightly rusty and metallic after taste. Nice flavours.

Effects. Uplifting and great for my back pain. I feel medicated but not high which is nice for times when I still have things to do. Quite up lifting but the most noticeable effect was a calmness with my brain slowing down and feeling more calm in general, I was thinking more clearly.

Comments. Surprising flavours and smells but really good medicine and enjoyable to smoke. Overall a strain id definitely smoke again!

Clark French.


Killer Queen – Medical cannabis strain review

Killer Queen – Medical cannabis strain review.

Appearance.  Nice looking bud formations which beak off into lovely little mini nugs. One or two of these is generally sufficient for a nice joint. The colours are quite vibrant lime and jungle greens  with lots of quite dark orange almost brown hairs. Loads of trichomes too. Trimmed properly and dried fully. generally looks the part!

Aroma/flavour. Really smells great, earthy and fruity cheese, a little pungent in the low notes and oaky fruity and skunky highs, flavour is very similar to the smell with a little more pungent cheesy but fruity flavours.

Effects. Sativa up and racy effects to begin with, my eyes feel quite heavy and that’s where I feel it most, my pain has definitely been reduced but not as great as some strains (out of 10, I’ve gone from a 6 to a 4) the best thing about this is the uplifting and thought provoking high, I had loads of good ideas smoking this strain!

Comments. Really nice strain, great for the day and for when you have some work to be getting on with. Real nice flavours too.

Casey Jones – Medical Cannabis Strain Review

Casey Jones.

Appearance. Although the level of quality of this bud far outweighs most that you find on the street in the UK it has still suffered at the hands of prohibition. It was to a level at which a dispensary wouldn’t take it that’s for sure. Most of the trim was left on along with some huge stalks – must have lost a few g in that alone. So I gave her a trim and added the waste to my iso box for later. Once trimmed up nicely the buds really begin to shine through. They are stunning, lot and lots of trichomes and extremely beautiful whispy orange hairs, the greens go from deep lush jungle greens to some more viberant a limey pastel greens. The bud structure is lovely with the last calyxes at the top of the buds you pull off standing tall and proud. Although one problem is that this has definitely produced some male flowers so this tells me it could have well been from feminised seed stock. Although this is a downer for sure the overall quality of the buds is very high.

Aroma/flavour. Smells delicious, really mouth watering as soon as the aroma hits your nostrils. Once of those strains you wish your pillow was made out of 😉 really sweet chemmy and a little citrus, more orange then lemon though. Really chemmy and extremely sweet to smoke, earthy lower flavours mingle with the chemmy sweetness perfectly, though it does leave a slightly bitter taste on the tounge after the odd toke but generally very tasty. Reminds me of being in California! Clearly the UK does have some decent flavours to offer not just your standard cheese or haze scenario we face here in Reading.

Effects. Very medicinal, really good. Good for bringing me back to the room when im too ill to really be able to concentrate on anything else then whats going on in my head/body as proved when I smoked her after the west midlands cannabis community meeting. More of a sativa uplifting effect to begin with, giving energy but not too much of a cerebral high which is nice. After about 10 minutes you feel more effects in the body too, a nice all over warmness which is very good for my neuropathic pain.

Comments. Didn’t burn so well, I think it could have done with an extra day drying, but over all really nice flavours and a great quality smoke – id recommend casey jones as a must try strain!


Clark French.