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Sour Diesel x Black Widow.

Sour Diesel x Black Widow.

Appearance.  Some gorgeous looking fat and dense buds, lime and pastel greens on the main bud structures and bobbly calyxes. Beautiful light and crisp golden brown hairs explode from each calyxes so much so that the whole bud is given an almost golden tone with the lime greens and brown hairs complementing each other. The structure has the feel of a hybrid as some buds are quite dense and compact and some are longer with pointy tips.

Aroma/flavour. A definite musky and earthy tone in the aroma but with an underlying sweet and “chemmy” smell which I must say is a great combination. She has not too much of either strain and the flavour is Great, the musky and pungent tones blend perfectly with the over all sweetness and chemmy flavours. This strain is absolutely delicious and a cross that really has noticeable characteristics of both its parent plants.

Effects.  Again as with the flavour the effects are a mix of both parent plants. A sativa like up lifting effect hits you first followed by a long and pleasant body stone which is both pain relieving and energy giving. A real winner.

Comments. Delicious strain with great medical effects. The flavour is what makes this stand out.