Death penalty for cannabis trafficking.

“ALOR STAR: A 51 year old driver and his assistant were among three people sentenced to death by the High Court today after they were found guilty of trafficking in cannabis six years ago”

It is a sorry state of affairs that in a world where science and reason are supposedly the means to which we base  our society and policy on that people are still being given the death penalty for victim-less crimes like the trafficking of cannabis. Unfortunately this is the world we still live in today, we forget in our fight to end the prohibition of cannabis that there are plenty of places in the world which do actually have much much laws regarding cannabis then we do. it is easy to look at our neighboring countries in the EU and see that we are fairly behind when it comes to cannabis law reform in the UK, we have no medical cannabis program unless you count sativex ( which i don’t as most people who want it cannot get it due to PCT’s refusing to prescribe it ) and certainly recreational cannabis is looked upon as a crime and “bad” thing in many national newspapers. It is however true that we live in a place where no matter how much cannabis someone trafficked they would not get the death penalty. The same cannot be said for much of the world and it is a sad state of affairs when three people are put to death in Malaysia for trafficking a substance which is scientifically safer then legal commodities like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.


I would like to see what Peter Hitchens makes of this, he may argue that cannabis is not a crime in the UK and that effectively there is no war on drugs. Hitchens argues for a more totalitarian rule and harsher penalties for people involved with the cannabis industry in an attempt to defend the current laws, which are so clearly a failure when looking at things objectively. He argues that we still have problems because the law is not tough enough on those caught with cannabis. It is interesting then that in a place like Malaysia where such harsh penalties are in place, that cannabis related crime still exists. This seems to go against what hitchens is arguing about as if the death penalty is not enough to stop people form wanting to use cannabis then this is proof that Hitchens is wrong when he thinks that harsher penalties will solve the problem. People will always want to use cannabis like they have done for thousands of years, there maybe some negative side effects from cannabis which need to be addressed but putting civil penalties will only worsen the problem and drive it underground.

It is a sad story to report on and my thoughts go out to the people effected and their families.

They are all Victims of prohibition. without stupid laws based in fear and lies these people would not have their lives taken from them.

Read more: Trio gets death for trafficking cannabis – Latest – New Straits Times 


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