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Sun Grown Haze – Cannabis Strain Review.

 Sun Grown Haze – Cannabis strain review.


Strain, Haze – sun grown.


Appearance– Quite light green and yellow, lots of pistils some dark brown some creamy gold. A fair amount of trichomes but is let down with a bit too much leaf on it for my liking.


Aroma/flavour. Smells quite nice, lemon fresh almost minty, has a distinct outdoor flavour which screams “i wasn’t taken care of” which is a shame as this could have turned out much better had it been handled with more care. Which I guess is still a problem for Portugal as production is still in the hands of criminals with no checks or industry standards to ensure the customer gets the best possible standard of product. Definitely has a hazyness about it and smokes rather smoothly.



Effects. Definitely a nice up kind of smoke, I fee energised and a little high but not so much that I couldn’t function. Definitely leaning towards the sativa side of the spectrum. i like how it slowly builds up and up after you smoke it rather then hitting you straight away.


Comments. Wont be rushing back to consume more of batch im afarid.


Clark French


AK47 – Portuguese Cannabis Strain Review.

AK47 – Portuguese Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain: AK-47, breeder unknown.


Appearance. Nice pale and pastil green buds with mainly elongated big buds and small fat side nuggets. Golden pistils at the bottom of most buds and a more creamy caramel colour at the bud apex’s. Lots of trichomes which look quite pale and not many amber ones. A few darker green leaves remain on the buds.


Aroma/flavour. Has a sickly sweet smell which reminds me of some of the AK47 i’ve tried in Wales, its almost like parmesan cheese but a little more planty and green, nice flavours when smoking, definitely green flavoured but has some interesting musky and sweet tones too. All in all taste is great.


Effects. More of a day time smoke, quite good pain relief and increased my appetite too.


Comments. Over all a very nice strain, going to make some oil from the ak47 and do a review of that sometime soon so look out for that!


Clark French.

Lisbon Sativa – Sun Grown Cannabis Strain Review.

Lisbon Sativa – Sun grown cannabis strain review.

Strain. Lisbon sun grown sativa.

Appearance. Quite a dark yellowing green, nic big buds which are not too airy especially for outdoor, classic sativa like long and thin bud shapes. Quite a few wispy golden pistils. Under the microscope there are lots of golden and amber trichomes, one or two dark seeds but not many at all.


Aroma/flavour. Well you will have to bare with me a little as my hay fever is playing up majorly I cant smell in the same capacity as I usually can. Its very earthy, funky and planty with a sweet high note almost citrus but not quite, when ground up there is skunk like aroma which also comes through in the taste. The fruity high notes are good too, but a little too much of the planty taste comes through for my liking.


Effects. Definitely nice mellow and chilled rather then racy, although I felt like I had more energy I was so tired from the flight I fell asleep a few hours after smoking. I noticed that it was more of a creeping high then a hit you in the face, peak was about half an hour after I finished smoking the joint.


Comments. A nice introduction to some Portuguese outdoor strains. Would probably be nicer if it was cured.


Clark French.

Urban Train Wreak – Medical Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain – Urban Train Wreak – Train wreak Phenotype.

Appearance. Light and pastel greens with some yellows a purples thrown in there on some of the remaining leaf. A few male flowers are poking their way though in one part of the bud. Some pronounced calyx formations and lots of trichomes.

Urban Train Wreak.

Aroma/Flavour. The smell is odd before its ground up – planty, earthy and a little citrus, but also has a strange dank mould kind of thing going on, when ground up the smell has many more high notes and its more clean and fresh, the citrus has a definite lime smell once ground up, smells good and quite unique. The flavour is nice, not very fruity more musky and earthy.

Effects. I really like the effects of this strain, a definite sativa buzz but not too much, this is definitely a high functioning high and I feel like I have more energy to get on with things then I did before I inhaled. A great day time smoke which will relieve pain without feeling monged.

Comments. Id like more of this, which is usually a good sign as I tend to be quite picky with my med’s .

Clark French

Short stuff seeds, ONYX autoflowering cannabis strain review

Strain. Short stuff seeds, ONYX autoflowering cannabis strain review.

Appearance. Nice dark green buds with some round calyx formations reminiscent of some of the bud formations you usually see in Amnesia/super silver haze and a few of the other hazy strains. Some bring orange hairs and a fair amount of trichome coverage.


Aroma/flavour. A little planty at first but this is over whelmed by the citrus fresh aroma when the buds are broken into. The taste is nice, more earthy and less citrus then the aroma. Not much of the ruduarlis comes through in the aroma or flavour which Is a positive for me.

Effects. A nice in between, I don’t feel too stoned or couch locked, neither has it given me bundles of energy to go and do loads of stuff. Relatively good for pain – the MS hug has definitely reduced in severity so it must be good for spasticity too.

Comments. A nice little strain, and I say little on purpose – short stuff seeds are designed to grow well you guessed it – pretty dam short. They are perfect for people who do not have much space but would like a plant or two. I can see it doing well in a PC grow box. Not the nicest of their strains I have ever tried, that goes to their Himalaya blue diesel! Over all a good smoke and one which id like to try again.

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Clark French

K3M medical cannabis strain review

K3M – medical cannabis strain review.


Strain . K3M


Appearance. Nice compact bud, quite light in colour, some of the leaf is yellowing which I think means this has been left to end properly.


Aroma/flavour. Smells very nice, almost sweet distinctly chemmy smell, also a little planty and earthy. Taste is more on the planty side but is very nice.


Effects. Very nice sativa energy flow, got my mind racing and thinking outside of the box.


Comments. Nice strain, good colours and quite a lasting high.  

Mystery Kush Cannabis strain review.

Cannabis strain review.

Strain, Mystery Kush, Genetics unknown


Appearance: lighter pastel greens with quite airy buds with plenty of trichome content, this has been dried well and is looks quite big. Quite a few leaves but most are so heavy in trichomes it is easy to see why they have been left on.

Aroma/flavour. A little spicy, very rich and earthy. Taste is really nice more woody on the exhale and more earthy on the inhale.


Effects. Definitely high in THC, not a gradual build up more of a hit you in the face with every toke. Very nice for stimulating the appetite but not as good with pain relief ( I’m probably noticing due to having some high CBD strains more recently which is incredibly good. Feel the high in my eyes.

Comments. A very tasty smoke and leaves a pleasant feeling behind long after the high has worn off.