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Critical Jack. Dinafem seeds Medical Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain. Critical Jack, Critical mass x Jack Herer. Dinafem seeds.

Appearance. Quite dark buds with nice plumes of orange pistils. a few little leaves which are darker then the main greens on the buds. Image

Aroma/flavour. Really nice smell, reminds me of the old home grown I used to get back when I was younger. When ground up the smell transforms into a really sweet smelling lemon fresh aroma, really smells amazing not to mention pungent. The flavour is somewhere in between very earthy but with a citrus twist.


Effects. Nice and relaxed but not monged, this could be smoked in the morning or late afternoon. Good for pain, anxiety and depression.

Comments. Very nice flavours and good medical effects.

Clark French.


G-13 Street Cannabis Strain review.

Strain – G13 –

Appearance. Lot of trichomes on these elongated and pointy buds, more sativa like, some nice big round calyxes. Quite a light green in terms of colours and some nice looking small brown/orange pistils.


Aroma/flavour. Very hazy with that spicy sweet classic haze smell, smoke is nice and brings out more fruity and citrus flavour’s, more like lemons and limes. am pleased with the taste.

Effects. Nice daytime smoke, not too heavy. felt uplifted and pain was reduced.

Comments. This was a good smoke for coming from the street.

Clark French.

Mark Emery, back to Canada.

CANNABIS CULTURE – The US government has approved a prisoner transfer application for Marc Emery, the Canadian marijuana activist serving a five year sentence in the US for selling marijuana seeds to fund pot legalization activism.

The transfer must also be approved by Canadian authorities before Emery would be eligible to return to Canada.

Emery’s legal council has confirmed to his wife Jodie that US authorities have approved his transfer home.

“It’s great news that the US Department of Justice has approved Marc’s transfer home,” Jodie Emery told Cannabis Culture. “I hope the Canadian Conservative government quickly approves the paperwork on their end so it becomes official and Marc can come home to Canada.”

Canadian authorities have, so far, made no comment.

Watch Cannabis Culture for more breaking information about Marc’s possible transfer home.

Im very pleased to see mark is going home. if you want to see the law changed please get involved in the UK – Cannabis prohibition is an international issue and its only by working together we have any hope of making a change. The next event is the Berkshire protest picnic.




Great White Shark “street” cannabis review.

Great White Shark “street” cannabis review.


Appearance – looks quite nice with pale to dark green buds, a few hairs and some knobbly calyx formations. Looks to me like its quick dried and it defiantly hasn’t been cured. There are quite a few trichomes and the buds are a nice shape.

great white shark

Aroma/flavour – Smells like slightly stale air, doesn’t have a strong smell about it what so ever, smells light and fresh when ground up, the taste is light and a little earthy and not so bad.


Effects. More of a hit you straight away, I think this has been harvested early. Better than nothing for pain and symptom releif but not that effective.


Comments. Street cannabis sucks.


Clark French.

AK-47 Qwiso Wax Review.

AK-47 Qwiso Wax.

Appearance. Really stunning gooey and sticky wax, easy to shape onto the dabber. Yellow and white golden colours and really shiny and reflective.


Aroma/flavour. Not a very potent aroma, more light and fresh, tastes really nice, the freshness is great in terms of the after taste too. Very smooth and light especially for dabs.


Effects. The main noticeable effect is on appetite, when ever I have a dab of this I find myself wanting to eat! Which is a good thing, as I often struggle with appetite. I think this is still a functional high too, not feeling too out of it but taking the edge off of things. Id say it was more of a sativa dominant hybrid n terms of effects.

Comments. One id try again, the gooey golden syrup like wax really stands out.

you can read my review of the flowers from the AK47 here.

Clark French.

Sungrown Indica – Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain.  Unknown sun grown indica.

Appearance. The first thing I notice about these buds is how solid and compact they are, especially for outdoor, can squeeze them with lots of pressure and they do not give way. The buds are a nice shape and have quite a few trichomes on them. The colour is yellowing green with quite a few brown pistils which adds to the “dry” look. Quite a few seeds in this one but each one is nicely formed and have some beautiful patterns.


Aroma/flavour. Kinda smells like it wasnt treated that nicely, the outdoor grassy and planty are not as pronounced as some of the other outdoor strains I have had in Portugal, there is an earthy richness and a slight chemmy sweetness when smoking which I like. The flavour is more mellow and musky.


Effects. A nice indica body stone, good for pain relief and aids sleeping if you wanna sleep, but not so heavy that you could keep smoking if you didn’t want to go to be quite yet!

Comments. A nice strain and one I’m going to keep a few seeds of as the compact bud structures is a trait which may explore if I get the chance to breed.

Clark French.

Steel City Blues QWISO Wax Review.

Steel City Blues QWISO wax.


Strain. Steel city blues Qwiso, I/S hybrid.


Appearance. Beautiful golden and light brown wax which is gooey and a little stringy when put on the end of the dabber.


Aroma/flavour. Smells fantastic really deep pungent earthy and cheesy lows with clear fresh and smooth high notes, taste is equally amazing, really pungent and leaves a really nice rich earthy and cheesy flavour in my mouth. A slight berry taste bit over all the pungent flavours are a particular favourite of mine.


Effects. The first thing I notice is that this makes me sweat lots! I’m not used to dabbing so plenty of coughs probably don’t help with that. The thing I love about dabbing is you get the effect of smoking half a joint in one hit! So medicinal, really good for pain and is a little sleepy. It is more of an indica and it would good to have a dab or two of this before bed for a good nights sleep!


Comments. Really nice home made qwiso taste is great and nice and medicinal.


Clark French.