Sungrown Indica – Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain.  Unknown sun grown indica.

Appearance. The first thing I notice about these buds is how solid and compact they are, especially for outdoor, can squeeze them with lots of pressure and they do not give way. The buds are a nice shape and have quite a few trichomes on them. The colour is yellowing green with quite a few brown pistils which adds to the “dry” look. Quite a few seeds in this one but each one is nicely formed and have some beautiful patterns.


Aroma/flavour. Kinda smells like it wasnt treated that nicely, the outdoor grassy and planty are not as pronounced as some of the other outdoor strains I have had in Portugal, there is an earthy richness and a slight chemmy sweetness when smoking which I like. The flavour is more mellow and musky.


Effects. A nice indica body stone, good for pain relief and aids sleeping if you wanna sleep, but not so heavy that you could keep smoking if you didn’t want to go to be quite yet!

Comments. A nice strain and one I’m going to keep a few seeds of as the compact bud structures is a trait which may explore if I get the chance to breed.

Clark French.


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Diagnosed with MS on the 19th of August 2010 I have started Bloging to raise awareness for MS and cannabis in general. I have some great friends and family and have had lots of support from local MS charities. I have had articles written about me in a local and national papers, national news websites and conducted various radio interviews on BBC radio and private radio stations. I appeared on national television for channel 4 and the BBC. I want to help other people who have MS I want them to realise how much difference cannabis can have to their life.

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