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How To Damage The Cannabis Campaign.

Call the police on medical cannabis activists.

Spend thousands of pounds suing people rather then on the cause.

Post pictures of your penis on the internet.

Alienate the people you are trying to appeal to.

Make fake profiles to virtually suck your own cock.

Make false claims and give false hope to sick people.

Tell Cannabis activist’s “if you really wanna get high have a hit on a crack pipe”

Never go out or be seen in public, out of fear of the very people you claim to represent.


Clark French.


Silver Pearl. Hill Street Blues. Amsterdam Coffeeshop Cannabis Review.

Strain. Silver Pearl. Hill Street Blues.


Appearance. Compact and dense buds which are long and thin in a sativa dominant fashion a few small golden hairs trimmed quite well. A nice amount of yellowing trichomes. Looks quite nice. 1.6g for 20 euros was the going rate.

Silver Pearl.

Aroma. Smells a little earthy and skunky but more planty then anything else. Not quite sure why I chose to get it to be honest.


Flavour. Taste is not so good, its not awful of the worst i’ve ever had but its not good either. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone especially for 14 euro a gram.


Effects. Not that noticeable, had some reduction in pain but not as much as I would normally get from smoking a joint.


Comments. Really quite disappointed, not worth the money, hill street is good for beginners and their cheaper strains are good for the price but if your looking for a connoisseur smoke then grey area or green place are a much better bet.

Lemon O.G. Green Place Amsterdam. Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain. Lemon O.G. Green Place Amsterdam.

Lemon O.G

Appearance. Yellowing greens with nice calyx formations. Loads of wispy brow hairs criss cross all over the bud structure. A fair amount of trichomes, lots of trimmy bits which i’m not too happy about, one bit is the bottom of a bud with the whole stalk and the main cola taken off, which really shouldn’t be acceptable, granted they don’t know im a medical patient, but every customer deserves to get bud when they pay for it.


Aroma. Smells fantastic, really piny like alpine fresh kind of smell, earthy and pungent lows with piny high tones, smells very nice. I used to dislike the piny strains but grew to love them after a few strains from California which came out really piny, Mango Kush a close friend of mine grew outdoors in northern California and the jilly bean from harborside San Jose.


Flavour. Very heavy and pungent pine. Even more then the smell, really tasty. Earthy lows and pine and alpine highs with a hint of fruitiness. Tastes delicious.


Effects. Nice and mellow, not racy and somewhere between the body and the mind. Relatively good for pain but better flavour then effects.


Comments. A nice recreational smoke, okay for medicine but there are strains out there which are definitely better. the amount of trim was really bad!  just look at the amount there was in a 2gram bag.

too much trim


Clark French.

Mango Haze. Amsterdam Cannabis Review.

Strain. Mango Haze. Sativa dominant hybrid. Coffeeshop – City Hall 11 euros a gram.

Appearance. Gorgeous lime and pastil green buds with some pronounced calyx foxtail formations which bland into the bud structure really nicely and give the bud an exotic look. Out of those calyx’s small plumes of deep orange and brown hairs erupt and make themselves known, there is not so many of them and they blend in well with the trichomes which the bud structure is caked in. when broken into the trichomes on the inside of the bud are so glittery they sparkle in the light as you move them.

mango haze.

Aroma. Real depth of smell, Hazy, fruity and earthy.

Flavour. Very tasty, every toke is smooth and leaves a lasting haze flavour on the tongue.

mango haze

Effects. Nice up sativa high, energy giving and stimulating.

Comments. Really hazy, great taste and nice sativa effects.

Clark French.

Strawberry Bubba, Amsterdam Cannabis Review.

Strain. Strawberry Bubba. OG Raskel seeds.


Appearance. Nice vibrant greens lots of thin small orange hairs and fairly densely formed buds.


Aroma. Smells very fruity and like its going to taste fantastic. Deep pungent almost licorice with a citrus and tropical fruitiness. Smells really nice.


Flavour. Taste is nice and tasty like the smell but less intense. Adding fire definitely affects the terpenes and there is a smoky woodiness about it too. In dab form I know the flavour is very sweet and almost chemmy in its flavour. Its made some quite light and bright BHO so I think the trichomes are  not over developed.


Effects. Nice body relaxing and pain relieving effects, also think this strain would be good for people with anxiety issues as I feel slightly more friendly and approachable after smoking 😀


Comments. Good strain, nice flavours especially the BHO. Not sure if I would want it again but wouldn’t be sad if I got to smoke it a few more times.


Clark French.

Dampkring Strain Review – Cherry PP.

Strain. Cherry PP the Dampkring.


Appearance. Middle to dark greens with some nice brown hairs which cross all over the bud structure. Quite dense and a few round calyxes. Quite a few trichomes, although not many are amber under the microscope.

Aroma. Stale plant, doesn’t smell that great if I’m honest.  Smells nicer when its ground up but probably not one id have got myself.

Flavour. Tastes better then the smell by far. Quite fruity and sweet. Quite surprised as I had expected  it to not taste that good due to the plant like smell. Smooth smoke  too.

Effects. More of an indica dominant body effect not too strong that it knocks you out but enough that you definitely feel it’s effects fairly soon after smoking.

Comments. Never judge a book by its cover, didn’t think I was going to like this strain on the smell but was pleasantly surprised with how nice and tasty a smoke she was.


More strain reviews from Amsterdam on my bong and the UKCSC website soon.


Clark French.

Dampkring Strain Review – Original Hash Plant.

Strain. Original Dampkring. Original Hash plant – Indica

Appearance. Very light and pastel greens verging on lime green. Really dense buds with beautiful little bobbles on the calyxes. No where near the classic amnesia foxtail but noticeable. Quite a lot of trichomes which are ripe with a decent amount of amber trichomes. Lots of golden orange hairs finish this strain off nicely.


Aroma. Smells very mild at first, some dry and earthy low notes and some floral highs. The smell explodes out of the bud when you break it up and those floral tones get more pronounced and more broad. Definitely adds an acrid sweetness to the aroma which isn’t really there before the bud has been broken.

Flavour. The taste is good but some of the floral tones don’t make it through. Very dry earthy and musky.

Effects. Exactly what it says on the tin, a good all over body stone which is really good for my pain levels. This one definitely helps with sleep if you want to medicate before bed.

Comments. Nice smooth smoke with some nice indica effect. Not too strong but still a very decent smoke.

Clark French