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Purple Kush BHO Dampkring Off shelf Extract Review.

Have to say a big thanks to the awesome team at the Dampkring who gave me some of this to sample, it is not for sale and you cant get it on the menu so i was very lucky to get a chance to review it.

Purple Kush BHO Off shelf Dampkring.

Appearance. Dark brown slab, looks like a huge block of hash :). When some it taken from the big mass it is much more brown and almost golden brown. A few bubbles through out. The main block is very dense in the middle.

Aroma. Smells really really good, pure deep pungent kush with the berry’s and grapes the earthyness and the sweet chemmy smell all in one, smells fantastic.

Purple Kush BHO

Flavour. Tastes just like the smell, really heavy on the pungent earthy and berry tones, absloutely delicious.

Effects. Not the strongest concentrate I have ever tried but it certainly packs a punch that flowers could never deliver. Nice clean and clear body high which leaves me feeling relaxed and in considerably less pain.

Comments. This is amazing, really wish I had more. Although I feel pretty lucky to have got to try it too. Hope there is still some left next time I visit the dampkring. Please don’t ask for it when you are there, as they cant sell it i’m afraid. There is a nice selection of flowers for you to see though. The dampkring is good for the bugest and connoisseur smokers due to its large menu.

Clark French


Legal Cannabis Possession In The UK.

Many people believe that cannabis possession is illegal in the UK, but that’s not strictly true as a little know European agreement means that there are ways to consume cannabis in the UK legally, Just not if you come from here.

Wednsday the 9th of October is a date that is set to go down in history as NORML UK have courageously exposed the gaps where the misuse of drugs act can be shown to be a failure. None more so than the inclusion of cannabis in schedule 1 which means according to the government cannabis has “no known medical benefit” This protest shows that this is an outright lie. Dutch Patients prescribed bedrocan can legally bring 30 days worth to the UK. So cannabis is recognized as a medicine n the UK …. unless you’re a British Citizen.


It is about time things changed in Britain, for too long medical patients have been discriminated against for their use of cannabis and we believe patients should be allowed to grow their own medicine in the privacy of their own homes.

The 9th is set to be a fantastic day with some Dutch patients making the journey over to the UK with their prescribed Bedrocan – dutch medical cannabis – and they will be using it to medicate outside Parliament between 12 and 3pm

I’m busy writing my speech for the event and i’m very excited to be able to address those of you that are able to make it.

I Hope to see many there with banners and placards – It is vital you show your support and help be part of the growing revolution.

See you there.

Clark French.