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Black Domnia x Lemon Haze – Sweet Dreams Barcelona.

Strain. Black Domnia x Lemon Haze.


Aroma. Smells fantastic, classically hazy and has a real musky light and kind of sweet smell. Very sweet and fruity with a rich earthiness about it too.

Flavour. Taste is delicious, really can taste both parents well, the Black Dominia musky flavour comes first when inhaling then the spicy and sweet haze on the exhale.


Effect’s. Similar to the flavour both parents effects are noticeable – body relaxingly and uplifting. A very nice smoke. My favourite from Barcelona so far.

Comments. Really great strain which show cases the strong points of both of its parents.


Fire White – Dampkring Cannabis Review.

Strain. Fire White.


Aroma. Sweet and chem like with the classic citrus OG / kushy aroma. Nice rich earthy low tones too, very nice over all!
Fire White

Flavour. Delicious nice earthy lows funky and kush like mids and citrus chem highs – generally tastes is really good but not a strong as you might expect from the aroma.


Effects. Really high in THC as you can instantly feel it it you – a pleasurable uplifting feeling of calmness, really nice for pain. It has a creeping body effect that comes about 10 minutes after putting the joint down.


Comments. Very tasty strain with awesome trichome content but I did find a seed.


Clark French.

Amnesia – 1E Hulp – Dutch Cannabis Review.

Amnesia – 1E Hulp. – Dutch Cannabis Review.

Strain. Amnesia


Aroma – Smells delicious, classic amnesia lemon citrus with a hit of spicy / haze and a real nice earthy low tone too.

Flavour. Flavour is nice but not quite as nice as the aroma ( smells amazing) a little smoky and muskier then the smell but the lemon with hint of spice comes through nicely and generally is stronger then the smoky flavour.

1e hulp

Effects. I’m a massive fan of how this makes me feel! Sativa dominant but not too much, I feel up lifted and able to do more but not just in the head, its also go some powerful body effects too and I really feel in much less pain after having smoked just half a joint.

Comments. Really like this version of the a classic strain which is very popular in Amsterdam. This version does not disappoint.

Clark French.