Hi i’m Clark,

Born in the autumn of 85 i live in Reading, England.

Diagnosed with MS in 2010 but that’s not all my life is about!

I find cannabis helps me deal with the symptoms of MS and I try to spread awareness of the therapeutic potential of cannabis.

I have appeared on BBC Television, channel 4, local newspapers, national and international news websites, BBC and Private Radio programmes and many online pod-casts/radio stations, in my fight for personal freedom to use cannabis as a medicine.

I blog/write for many organisation’s including but not limited to; Norml UK, UKCSC, SSDP-UK, Cognitive Liberty, Ismokemagazine and Revision drug policy network.

Thanks for reading my blog.



4 responses to “About”

  1. Lev says :

    Hi Clark,

    You left a comment on the SSDP UK Fan page. I am afraid I can’t find records of your email, how might I help?



  2. Kahuna Bradda says :

    Hey Bradda Clark!!!!!! I love you man…you guys kick ass to be pushing Sativex and so forth and it is up to us to push it here.

    I am currently in Hawaii and am a legal user with MS who was recently diagnosed as well. LIFE AINT ABOUT THAT BRA…I 2ND THAT!!

    check me out on youtube and stay in touch as I would love to host you and ukay down here to do a hawaii tour!

    much love and light,

  3. blayze says :

    Hey dude you’re awesome you need a website

  4. Stew says :

    Hi Clark, I saw the article in GetReading & want to get on contact. Also sent you a message via twitter. Please get in touch.

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