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Black Domnia x Lemon Haze – Sweet Dreams Barcelona.

Strain. Black Domnia x Lemon Haze.


Aroma. Smells fantastic, classically hazy and has a real musky light and kind of sweet smell. Very sweet and fruity with a rich earthiness about it too.

Flavour. Taste is delicious, really can taste both parents well, the Black Dominia musky flavour comes first when inhaling then the spicy and sweet haze on the exhale.


Effect’s. Similar to the flavour both parents effects are noticeable – body relaxingly and uplifting. A very nice smoke. My favourite from Barcelona so far.

Comments. Really great strain which show cases the strong points of both of its parents.


Amnesia – 1E Hulp – Dutch Cannabis Review.

Amnesia – 1E Hulp. – Dutch Cannabis Review.

Strain. Amnesia


Aroma – Smells delicious, classic amnesia lemon citrus with a hit of spicy / haze and a real nice earthy low tone too.

Flavour. Flavour is nice but not quite as nice as the aroma ( smells amazing) a little smoky and muskier then the smell but the lemon with hint of spice comes through nicely and generally is stronger then the smoky flavour.

1e hulp

Effects. I’m a massive fan of how this makes me feel! Sativa dominant but not too much, I feel up lifted and able to do more but not just in the head, its also go some powerful body effects too and I really feel in much less pain after having smoked just half a joint.

Comments. Really like this version of the a classic strain which is very popular in Amsterdam. This version does not disappoint.

Clark French.

Triangle Kush – Denver Medical Cannabis Review

Strain. Triangle Kush.

triangle kush


Aroma.  Fucking stinky as! really pungent and earthy and a proper OG sweet and spicy almost citrus amzingness – i like this lots – possibly my favorite strain from Denver so far 🙂

Flavour. Tastes as it smells – delicious Kush pungentness – such a nice flavour its crazy.

Effects. Seriously high in THC you can feel it with every toke – i cant smoke a joint in one,have to put it down at least 3 times!

Comments. Fantastic, love this strain really glad i got to try it 🙂


Clark French.


Face Off OG – Denver Cannabis Review.

Strain. Face Off OG

face off og

Aroma. Classic OG spicy and fruity but with a funky deep and pungentness, smells really good!

Flavour. tastes fantastic, really OG flavour and a great earthy funk too – really nice.

Effects. the strain is named appropriately 😛 it hits you and then creeps up again a little later.

Comments. Really great flavour and nice effects too.


Girl Scout Cookies – Denver Cannabis Review.

Strain. Girl Scout Cookies, which i just reviewed in California – is interesting to see what it is like in Denver.

Denver GSC

Aroma. Deep pungent berry lows  – spicy and sweet mids and fresh an fruity highs.

Flavour. Tastes great, very dank and pungent with the nice fruity berry’s being very pronounced.

Effect. High THC eye stoned, don’t want to let alone need to smoke a whole joint at once of this! relaxing and pain relieving.

Comments. Beautiful buds with a great flavour and strength. One to look out for.

Clark French

Dank Commander – Coloradan Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain. Dank Commander.

Dank Commander.

Aroma. Smells fantastic, quite unique, has a very fruity almost citrus like lime high notes with a spicy skunky richness on the low.

Flavour. Great tasting and very much like the smell, dank, rich, slightly spicy, fruity with a hint of lime – Delicious

Effects. Super uplifting eye stoned high, but yet very functional. Good for anxiety and pain.

Comments. Great strain and lovely calyx formations – a little too many stalks and crows feet were left on, otherwise a great smoke – definitely one to look out for.

Clark French

Durban Poison – Medical Cannabis Review.


 Strain. Durban Poison.


Aroma. Smells delicious very fruity and spicy high tones with earthy rich lows. Some berry’s and licorice aniseed too, smells great. Its one of those strains which has a unique and instantly recognisable aroma.

Flavour. Fantastic broad depth of flavour spicy and sweet in a way reminiscent of authentic spices and fruit. Has a very nice weedy earthy rich low  which blends perfectly with the spice and sweet

Effects. Sativa up with a nice pain relieving effect, not too racy so would be good for medication when you still have things to get on with.

Comments.  Really fantastic version of a uniquely pungent strain gets a thumbs up from me.

Clark French