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Fire White – Dampkring Cannabis Review.

Strain. Fire White.


Aroma. Sweet and chem like with the classic citrus OG / kushy aroma. Nice rich earthy low tones too, very nice over all!
Fire White

Flavour. Delicious nice earthy lows funky and kush like mids and citrus chem highs – generally tastes is really good but not a strong as you might expect from the aroma.


Effects. Really high in THC as you can instantly feel it it you – a pleasurable uplifting feeling of calmness, really nice for pain. It has a creeping body effect that comes about 10 minutes after putting the joint down.


Comments. Very tasty strain with awesome trichome content but I did find a seed.


Clark French.


Legal Cannabis Possession In The UK.

Many people believe that cannabis possession is illegal in the UK, but that’s not strictly true as a little know European agreement means that there are ways to consume cannabis in the UK legally, Just not if you come from here.

Wednsday the 9th of October is a date that is set to go down in history as NORML UK have courageously exposed the gaps where the misuse of drugs act can be shown to be a failure. None more so than the inclusion of cannabis in schedule 1 which means according to the government cannabis has “no known medical benefit” This protest shows that this is an outright lie. Dutch Patients prescribed bedrocan can legally bring 30 days worth to the UK. So cannabis is recognized as a medicine n the UK …. unless you’re a British Citizen.


It is about time things changed in Britain, for too long medical patients have been discriminated against for their use of cannabis and we believe patients should be allowed to grow their own medicine in the privacy of their own homes.

The 9th is set to be a fantastic day with some Dutch patients making the journey over to the UK with their prescribed Bedrocan – dutch medical cannabis – and they will be using it to medicate outside Parliament between 12 and 3pm

I’m busy writing my speech for the event and i’m very excited to be able to address those of you that are able to make it.

I Hope to see many there with banners and placards – It is vital you show your support and help be part of the growing revolution.

See you there.

Clark French.

Cannabis Campaign “a waste of taxpayers money”!

I was delighted to see that Derbyshire Times running a story about the outrage that was displayed by local residents when the paper posted an article about a recent crack down on cannabis in the Derbyshire area and how this was a waste of taxpayers money.

Here are some of the comments from Derbyshire time readers.

Deb Williams said: “I think Matlock Police should concentrate on fighting the Heroin that’s being pushed through our streets daily. Get to the clock tower most days or the bottom of Stoneway where these people hang out. Children from the schools have to walk past this.”

Tanya Spencer said: “Maybe the police should try going undercover to Matlock’s pubs on a Friday and Saturday night . As trust me, from what I’ve seen recently it’s disgusting – Mcat heads everywhere. ”


Andrew Ochi Haynes said: “ Why don’t the police find something more important to do? What a waste of time and money.”

Melissa Dawson said: “Matlock is rife with Mcat and heroin – cannabis is the least of their worries.”


Cilla Roberts said: “What a waste of taxpayers money.”

Billy Spencer said: “There’s drug problems in Matlock but I’d be surprised if any of them were caused by cannabis. Take powders off the street before going after cannabis.”

This is great to see, and i hope that we will see similar articles in the future about the reaction of people to stupid and out dated cannabis laws.

Clark French

see the original article here.

Death penalty for cannabis trafficking.

“ALOR STAR: A 51 year old driver and his assistant were among three people sentenced to death by the High Court today after they were found guilty of trafficking in cannabis six years ago”

It is a sorry state of affairs that in a world where science and reason are supposedly the means to which we base  our society and policy on that people are still being given the death penalty for victim-less crimes like the trafficking of cannabis. Unfortunately this is the world we still live in today, we forget in our fight to end the prohibition of cannabis that there are plenty of places in the world which do actually have much much laws regarding cannabis then we do. it is easy to look at our neighboring countries in the EU and see that we are fairly behind when it comes to cannabis law reform in the UK, we have no medical cannabis program unless you count sativex ( which i don’t as most people who want it cannot get it due to PCT’s refusing to prescribe it ) and certainly recreational cannabis is looked upon as a crime and “bad” thing in many national newspapers. It is however true that we live in a place where no matter how much cannabis someone trafficked they would not get the death penalty. The same cannot be said for much of the world and it is a sad state of affairs when three people are put to death in Malaysia for trafficking a substance which is scientifically safer then legal commodities like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.


I would like to see what Peter Hitchens makes of this, he may argue that cannabis is not a crime in the UK and that effectively there is no war on drugs. Hitchens argues for a more totalitarian rule and harsher penalties for people involved with the cannabis industry in an attempt to defend the current laws, which are so clearly a failure when looking at things objectively. He argues that we still have problems because the law is not tough enough on those caught with cannabis. It is interesting then that in a place like Malaysia where such harsh penalties are in place, that cannabis related crime still exists. This seems to go against what hitchens is arguing about as if the death penalty is not enough to stop people form wanting to use cannabis then this is proof that Hitchens is wrong when he thinks that harsher penalties will solve the problem. People will always want to use cannabis like they have done for thousands of years, there maybe some negative side effects from cannabis which need to be addressed but putting civil penalties will only worsen the problem and drive it underground.

It is a sad story to report on and my thoughts go out to the people effected and their families.

They are all Victims of prohibition. without stupid laws based in fear and lies these people would not have their lives taken from them.

Read more: Trio gets death for trafficking cannabis – Latest – New Straits Times 

Tommy Chong “kicked cancers ass”

The case for cannabis as a Treatment for cancer has been further strengthened by Stoner movie star Tommy Chong. The co star of the beloved Cheech and Chong movies is now 99% cancer free, the guardian reported that.

“Tommy Chong, the veteran star of the dope-fuelled Cheech and Chong films, says he has beaten prostate cancer with a combination of cannabis use and a special diet.

Chong, 74, was diagnosed with cancer in June last year following a three-year period in which he said he had been drug free. He now says he is 99% free of the disease after a Canadian doctor helped him change his diet to include a variety of special supplements, as well as hemp oil. He then sat for a number of sessions with a practitioner named Adam Dreamhealer, described as a “world-renowned healer”.


“That’s right, I kicked cancer’s ass!” Chong wrote on the website “So the magic plant does cure cancer with the right diet and supplements. I’m due for another blood test, MRI, etc, but I feel the best I’ve felt in years. And now for a celebration joint of the finest Kush …”

Together with collaborator Cheech Marin, Chong starred in eight films between 1971 and 1985, including the pair’s classic debut Up in Smoke. During that period the duo also released eight albums, three of which hit the US top 10. The duo split in the mid-80s, but began touring together again in 2008.”

Clark French.

€250k windfall for GW as Sativex is approved in Italy.

Gw Pharmaceutical’s have just won a €250k windfall as they have been given approval for their trademark cannabis tincture Sativex.

The media coverage  has tried again to say that Sativex is a cannabis -based medicine, which simply is not true. Sativex is not a cannabis BASED medicine, sativex IS cannabis. It-is made from the whole plant and contains all the cannabinoids from the plants that GW grow not just the THC and CBD that is on the label.

GW grow the very same plant which would be illegal for anyone else to grow, even those with MS who would be eligible for sativex would be considered criminal’s if they were to grow cannabis themselves.

Full market arthorisation has been given to sativex to treat moderate to severe spasticity in MS. Italy becomes the 21st country to approve Sativex for treatment in MS. GW share holders are set to make some money off of a plant which only GW are allowed to grow. Image

This is a picture of one of GW’s cannabis plants that sativex is made out of.

I fail to see how herbal cannabis has no medicinal value, as that is exactly what sativex is made out of.  But then how would a pharmaceutical company like GW profit from the healing power of cannabis if everyone was allowed to grow it?

Clark French.