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I have updated my blog to a website.

Please check it our for up to date news and strain reviews. 



Island Sweet Skunk – Barcelona Cannabis Review.

Strain. Island Sweet Skunk Spanish Cannabis Review.


Aroma. Sweet and tart. A natural plant like sweetness with a fruity twist.


Flavour. Very similar to the smell, sweet and a little more earthy.


Effects. Sativa dominant but wasn’t too strong – can smoke a whole joint without putting it down.


Comments. Nice flavour but the effect and trim job could have been better. Over all slightly disappointing but the flavour definitely means this was worth trying.  

How To Damage The Cannabis Campaign.

Call the police on medical cannabis activists.

Spend thousands of pounds suing people rather then on the cause.

Post pictures of your penis on the internet.

Alienate the people you are trying to appeal to.

Make fake profiles to virtually suck your own cock.

Make false claims and give false hope to sick people.

Tell Cannabis activist’s “if you really wanna get high have a hit on a crack pipe”

Never go out or be seen in public, out of fear of the very people you claim to represent.


Clark French.

Dampkring Strain Review – Cherry PP.

Strain. Cherry PP the Dampkring.


Appearance. Middle to dark greens with some nice brown hairs which cross all over the bud structure. Quite dense and a few round calyxes. Quite a few trichomes, although not many are amber under the microscope.

Aroma. Stale plant, doesn’t smell that great if I’m honest.  Smells nicer when its ground up but probably not one id have got myself.

Flavour. Tastes better then the smell by far. Quite fruity and sweet. Quite surprised as I had expected  it to not taste that good due to the plant like smell. Smooth smoke  too.

Effects. More of an indica dominant body effect not too strong that it knocks you out but enough that you definitely feel it’s effects fairly soon after smoking.

Comments. Never judge a book by its cover, didn’t think I was going to like this strain on the smell but was pleasantly surprised with how nice and tasty a smoke she was.


More strain reviews from Amsterdam on my bong and the UKCSC website soon.


Clark French.

White Romulan – Dutch Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain, White Romulan. Indica/sativa, hybrid. O.g Raskal seeds


Appearance. Lots of trichomes giving the bud a frosty white finish over lush deep and bright greens, quite a lot of trim left of but it is covered in trichomes so its not too bad, could make some very nice oil from tricome laden leaf like that. Quite dense formations at the end of the cola’s and some nice orange brown pistils wind their way across the bud structures.


Aroma. Really smelly deep earthy and pungent lows and fruity and sharp highs with quite a unique “chem” smell. Really broad range of smells with this lovely strain.


Flavour. Very tasty, really smooth to smoke with delicious OG chem flavour and deep and earthy pungent lows. Very fruity too, all over an amazing flavour.


Effects. Although indica dominant over all the first thing I noticed is a sativa like uppy and energy giving which give way to a creeping all body indica effect. I like this strain its not too heavy on either and could probably function as both depending on what time of day. Its quite good for my MS and I definitely feel in less pain and more able to walk straight after having smoked it.


Comments. Really like this strain, both for flavour and for effect. Id definitely recommend to medical patients looking for a top quality all rounder.  Also it goes very well with a good cup of tea 🙂


Clark French

Mark Emery, back to Canada.

CANNABIS CULTURE – The US government has approved a prisoner transfer application for Marc Emery, the Canadian marijuana activist serving a five year sentence in the US for selling marijuana seeds to fund pot legalization activism.

The transfer must also be approved by Canadian authorities before Emery would be eligible to return to Canada.

Emery’s legal council has confirmed to his wife Jodie that US authorities have approved his transfer home.

“It’s great news that the US Department of Justice has approved Marc’s transfer home,” Jodie Emery told Cannabis Culture. “I hope the Canadian Conservative government quickly approves the paperwork on their end so it becomes official and Marc can come home to Canada.”

Canadian authorities have, so far, made no comment.

Watch Cannabis Culture for more breaking information about Marc’s possible transfer home.

Im very pleased to see mark is going home. if you want to see the law changed please get involved in the UK – Cannabis prohibition is an international issue and its only by working together we have any hope of making a change. The next event is the Berkshire protest picnic.




K3M medical cannabis strain review

K3M – medical cannabis strain review.


Strain . K3M


Appearance. Nice compact bud, quite light in colour, some of the leaf is yellowing which I think means this has been left to end properly.


Aroma/flavour. Smells very nice, almost sweet distinctly chemmy smell, also a little planty and earthy. Taste is more on the planty side but is very nice.


Effects. Very nice sativa energy flow, got my mind racing and thinking outside of the box.


Comments. Nice strain, good colours and quite a lasting high.