Girl Scout Cookies – Denver Cannabis Review.

Strain. Girl Scout Cookies, which i just reviewed in California – is interesting to see what it is like in Denver.

Denver GSC

Aroma. Deep pungent berry lows  – spicy and sweet mids and fresh an fruity highs.

Flavour. Tastes great, very dank and pungent with the nice fruity berry’s being very pronounced.

Effect. High THC eye stoned, don’t want to let alone need to smoke a whole joint at once of this! relaxing and pain relieving.

Comments. Beautiful buds with a great flavour and strength. One to look out for.

Clark French


Dank Commander – Coloradan Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain. Dank Commander.

Dank Commander.

Aroma. Smells fantastic, quite unique, has a very fruity almost citrus like lime high notes with a spicy skunky richness on the low.

Flavour. Great tasting and very much like the smell, dank, rich, slightly spicy, fruity with a hint of lime – Delicious

Effects. Super uplifting eye stoned high, but yet very functional. Good for anxiety and pain.

Comments. Great strain and lovely calyx formations – a little too many stalks and crows feet were left on, otherwise a great smoke – definitely one to look out for.

Clark French

Durban Poison – Medical Cannabis Review.


 Strain. Durban Poison.


Aroma. Smells delicious very fruity and spicy high tones with earthy rich lows. Some berry’s and licorice aniseed too, smells great. Its one of those strains which has a unique and instantly recognisable aroma.

Flavour. Fantastic broad depth of flavour spicy and sweet in a way reminiscent of authentic spices and fruit. Has a very nice weedy earthy rich low  which blends perfectly with the spice and sweet

Effects. Sativa up with a nice pain relieving effect, not too racy so would be good for medication when you still have things to get on with.

Comments.  Really fantastic version of a uniquely pungent strain gets a thumbs up from me.

Clark French

Heirloom Highland Thai Medical Cannabis Strain Review.

Strain. Heirloom Highland Thai.

Heirloom Highand Thai

Appearance. really long stretched out buds withe some big pronounced calyxes. So many trichomes that they stick to everything. The colours are a yellowing tone of green which is added to by the trichomes which have been left to mature properly and the yellowing orange pistils which erupt from each calyx.

Aroma. Really stinky, sweet and rich. Smells somewhere between Durban Poison and Haze. Really sweet and spicy.

Flavour. Tastes really nice, tropical fruit with a hint of lemon grass, has a nice spicy and sweet after taste. Really great flavours.

Effects. Sativa up and energy giving, I feel focused and ready to go, going to get on with another article after publishing this review :). it is also a bit of a creeper and definitely helps take my mind of my chronic pain.

Comments. Really nice and very tasty.

DCSC Californian Medical Cannabis Review.

Strain. DCSC ( Deep Chunk x Strawberry Cough )

Appearance. Gorgeous trichome laden buds which are dense and deep dark green.


Aroma. Very dank – deep pungent low tones with some skunky almost sweet & sour highs. Fresh and smooth, smells delicious.

Flavour. Tastes great, really fresh and funky.

Effects. More of a sativa daytime smoke as it is quite racy and energy giving, not bad for pain and spasticity.

Comments. Fantastic strain with some really nice effects.

Clark French

Sour Diesel – Mendocino Sun Grown Cannabis Review.

Strain. Sour Diesel – Mendocino Sun Grown Cannabis Review.

Appearance. Bright green buds which are not too dense but are compltely caked in trichomes. a small amount of brown hairs and deeper greens on the leaf that is left.


Aroma. This strain smells fantastic, very strong and pungent earthy lows with a deep rich earthiness. The high notes are very sweet and have the classic sour diesel “chem” smell.

Flavour. The taste is delicious, very much like the smell very earthy low tones and sweet highs.

Effects. The effects are great, very good pain relief which is almost instant after the first toke. A very good day time smoke which is uplifting but not racy.

Comments. A classic strain with a great flavour, sour diesel is a must try for any cannabis enthusiast.

Clark French.

Space Queen – Mendocino Sun Grown Cannabis Review.

Strain – Space Queen TGA subcool – sun grown in Mendocino.

Appearance – Mainly smallish but dense buds which have a yellowing colour. a few tiny bits of golden leaf remain. The colour hasn’t really come out on the bud photo (sorry its a bad one) but you can see in the pipe bowl more clearly. quite a few small trichomes and golden brown hair, which add to the yellow tones on th

e bud.Image

Aroma – very stinky, some where between lemon haze and jack herer in terms of its lemon fresh kind of smell, definitely has some earthy low tones too. Smells really good.

Flavour – has a really nice sweet and hazy flavour with quite a lot of lemon fresh high notes and some planty and earthy lows the smell is slightly better then the taste. 048

Effects – Heads up body up sativa effect, good for the morning but below average for my pain.

Comments –The smell is fantastic but im not sure about this version too much, its good but its not the best. this is some bud which i trimmed up and it wasn’t exactly the nicest experience trimming ive ever had 😛