Archive | August 2011

Cardiff Gulls

Gulls of cardiff why cant you go back to sea?

Oh why, oh why do you pick on me?

Its 6am and i have not had much sleep!

You wake me up and i cant get back to my dreams.

See im not usually the kinda person

To ever like the scene of death.

But i do admit, i did enjoy,

that sight of a seagull dead.

See, the gulls have made me hate,

Something i do try to avoid.

But what did they expect?

When they make such a loud noise!

Clark French


Welsh Buds – OG kush, AK48 and Californian Orange.

Well it’s been a while since I did one of these, as I’ve not been feeling as well as normal. Fortunately I met with Des Humphrey, and sampled some of what Wales has to offer.

Name: OG Kush

Appearance: Dark and crystally, big calyxes, a few burnt bits, popcorn nugs.

Aroma / Flavour: Unmistakeably OG Kush, light, skunky, citrusy and fruity. Smells amazing, tastes just as good, really fruity and zesty. You could taste the burn in a few of the tokes which spoilt it a little.

Effects: Good symptom management, felt very cold before smoking, hypersensitivity became less after smoking, you can feel it with every toke.

Comments: Looks like the OG Kush from the Valleys is pretty much on par with the OG in Cali.

Name: AK-48

Appearance: Really hairy, must have been a city of pistils when she was growing. Golden hairs, dark green leaves, completely trichome covered.

Aroma / Flavour: Earthy and skunky, pineapple flies up when the buds are broken up. Fairly sweet. Des says, “A little citrus, after-taste is mouthwatering, doesn’t give you any drymouth at all, sweet and smooth in the mouth but a little harsh in the throat cavity (me-that’s what she said)”.

Effects: Indica dominant with a sativa edge to begin with, which mellows down into a nice body stone. Fairly good symptom relief.

Comments: So, this should really be called Pineapple AK.

Name: California Orange

Appearance: Light and pale greens, lots of orange creamy hairs, white and crystally.

Aroma / Flavour: Smells of kush, reminds me a lot of the Purple Kush I had in California. A slight fuellyness, like a dilute version of diesel, light fresh and kushy. Des says, “Earthy, indica, fruity smell but not in taste.”

Effects: Fast hitter, nice and stony. Des says, “Definite indica, body stone, and pretty good for pain.”

Comments: Hits really quick, a little harsh but that’s easily overcome.

Clark French.